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May 2018 Moms

STM+ Check-in (1/31)

How far along are you? Girl/boy/other? 

How old are your other kids? 

Rants/Raves/Questions (related to being a STM, stages your kids are going through, or anything else)? 

GTKY:  Who are you rooting for this weekend? Or are you just in it for JT & the commercials?
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Re: STM+ Check-in (1/31)

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  • clee5711clee5711 member
    edited January 2018
    @crunchyice  omg a hatchimal
  • @fraufarbissina I know how you feel about jumping right back into the newborn stage and juggling a newborn with a young toddler.  
  • UO I'm not a JT fan, never was. Never got into the boy bands either. Yea I think some of his stuff is catchy, but ehh. 
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