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Physical health check-in 1/26

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This thread is for those who are trying to maintain physical activity throughout pregnancy. It can be walking around the block, hitting the gym, training for a marathon, and everything in between.

There is no physical activity too small during pregnancy. 

How far along?

How did this week go for you?

How are you feeling about your exercise?

Gtky- What inspired you to start the workout routine you've been doing?  What kept you going?

(Inspire me with a new gtky question for next week!)

Re: Physical health check-in 1/26

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  • @dem068a I used to do a Jillian Michael's yoga video all the time! I hope you feel better soon!

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  • @rachelg777 glad you like them and yay for no BH!  I am having the same kinds of feelings about how I look and I just have to tell myself I will get back there.

    @dem068a ITA.  And it helps with with scheduling the time to workout.
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  • @mileswithmyles I love the term RBF. She sounds like an amazing friend. I have signed up for the NYC marathon twice, but my stupid IT band ruined my dreams both times. I hope someday I can get my IT band in check and can finish a marathon. 

    @suchaglencoco @rachelg777 same on peeing. Hopping around or running are not fun for my bladder right now. 

    @rachelg777 I tend to get in a groove and then I don't really get bored per se, I just get lazy. So I will go to the gym like 6-7x per week for 8 months, then sit on my couch and eat cheetos and be a sloth for 3 months. Then repeat. I need to stop quitting. That's good that you just switch routines instead of quitting altogether. 

    @dem068a I agree on the classes. I am much better at being dedicated and pushing myself when I am in a class full of people. 

    How far along? 25w5d

    How did this week go for you? Okay. I did barre, yoga, and aqua aerobics, but I did zero running + squats this week.

    How are you feeling about your exercise? Okay. My IT band started bugging me last week after running so I took a break, but I could have gotten back into it a few days ago when my knee was feeling better. I let excuses get the best of me this week.  

    Gtky- What inspired you to start the workout routine you've been doing?  What kept you going?
    I can't remember why I initially tried barre. I think a friend took me to a free class. All the teachers looked like ballerina supermodels, so I was in awe of them. I did barre sporadically back then bc it's so dang expensive. Once I got pregnant, I knew I wanted an easier workout (than my recent bout of kickboxing) so I figured barre was the ticket. And then I kept using groupons for cheap monthly memberships until I found a barre studio that I felt met my needs. I saw an 8 month pregnant lady at my current studio and the instructors catered to her and modified moves for her, so I felt comfortable with this gym and bit the bullet for the monthly membership. I will probably quit barre once LO comes though. It's really expensive and they don't have day care. But for now, trying to keep as healthy as possible, so worth the cost!
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  • @crunchyice That's how progress is made! Sounds like you are gaining stamina too me. :) Keep it up.

    @silverhope That's still awesome to go almost every day for 8 months out of the year. I workout a lot but cheetos are always my friend- eating clean is a struggle for me. :)

    Me: 30 | H: 30

    MMC: 6/2017 (10w5d)
    DS: May 2018
    TTC #2

    BFP: 9/1/19  EDD: 5/14/20

  • @mileswithmyles I'm jealous you have a workout buddy to push you!  A lot of friends that run have running buddies and it makes me a little jelly, but not enough to run, ha.

    @rachelg777 and @silverhope, I've been peeing when I get to the gym before I work out so I know I am nice and empty, but I'm starting to think I need a break halfway through my workout. It's just hard because I wear handwraps. 
    The jumping is definitely not easy on the bladder.
  • @holli0801, I've never even heard of post-natal yoga. That sounds awesome. Putting that on my list to look into.
  • @crunchyice mine was combined with “mommy and me” ... so we did baby massage and songs and such, but also focused on recovery of your muscles that get all out of whack in labor
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