Multiple Failed Epidurals

So here is my super reduced quick birth story then I have a couple questions: Baby was measuring big. Went in to be induced to prevent a C-section (I was scared to have one). Ended up needing a C-section after 3 (THREE) failed epidurals, not progressing past 6CM, having a fever and water being broke too long. During the c-section I could NOT breathe at all. After they pulled him out and showed him to me, I was knocked out and woke up 3 hours later.

Question 1: Has anyone had multiple failed epis? And have you learned why? I really never found out why and it's really weird to me. Each time I got the epi, it would work for maybe 30 minutes then I would start to regain all feeling. I had two different doctors do them too. I was SO SCARED about the C-section itself because I was worried I would regain feeling from the meds while being cut open.

Question 2: Has anyone had any similar experience as far as not being able to breathe well at all once on the table? And has anyone been put to sleep while they were getting the C-section? I don't even remember them telling me they would do it. It's possible they did but I don't remember. I think the dosed me up too much because I couldn't breathe because I felt numb up to my chest. However, I couldn't feel a THING, not even tugging.

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Re: Multiple Failed Epidurals

  • The epidural did not work for my sister and she felt everything! So yes it happened.

    for me that all worked, but I was sort of going in and out of consciousness after the C. I think it was because first, during pregnancy I would get really dizzy and almost pass out wile on my back and... for the surgery you are just stuck on your back. Also, I had just been given some stronger pain meds before they realised I needed an emergency C. Might have been too many drugs

  • I had to have 2 epidurals. The first one only worked on half my body and I really don't think the 2nd one worked all that well because they had to keep pumping it full of meds. The doctor said during the c section that if I started to feel anything, he would knock me out and half to put a breathing tube in.
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  • I had five - yes five - failed epidurals before they gave up and used general. I had been in labor for 36 hrs, pushed for 5 and was done. I remember very little about the time before the c-section except that the anesthesiologist kept apologizing (she later told my husband that this had never happened to her before in 17 years) and  that I was super pissed the c section was starting around 7am (which is shift change - I'm a healthcare provider and this is the most unsafe time in the hospital). I woke up an hour later to photos of my son in the NICU (he was also 7 weeks early). It took about 12 hrs from there for them to stabilize me and to see my son. Weirdly, my mom had the a similar experience when she gave birth to me. Her epidural failed twice and she had general too. 
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