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3rd Trimester

3rd trimester rant

One day I'm so tired I can't hold my eyes open. The next I can't stop moving. I want everything clean and it never seems to happen like I want it to. I want nothing more than to clean my house again today and get more organized for this baby but I'm just so tired!!

Re: 3rd trimester rant

  • Could you get a cleaning service to help with at least the basics and they you can calmly organize in a clean house? But also you just described motherhood! So much house work but tired and not enough time. I’ve learned to let the small things go because i just can’t keep up. But we will be getting a cleaning service again before this baby arrives. 
  • Rant away girl! I wish I could enjoy being pregnant but dang it! I CANT ITS TOO MUCH! Doing laundry is a nightmare, I can't bend like I used to! And don't even get me started on the weight gain, uncontrollable swelling of every joint I have, my puffy face!!!! UGH! Pregnancy sucks!
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