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  • @ivyvines yes! My husband looks so baby faced without any facial hair. He occasionally fully shaves, it reminds me of when we first started dating... nearly 15 years ago! He knows I prefer facial hair!

    @suchaglencoco definitely over not under, drives me crazy!

    @JNCPro3130 I also dislike when people take thier kids on a "date" I don't know why but it's very weird to me. 

    @mileswithmyles only "sweethearts" (sweet tart hearts) for me!
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  • @SaVy_05 no way!  Brach’s!
    BFP 6/30/13 EDD 4/6/14 MC 8/4/13
    BFP 9/12/13 EDD 5/18/14 DS born 5/16/14
    BFP 8/16/17 EDD 5/1/17[/spoiler]
  • @crunchyice I'm so sorry people have responded that way.  
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