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May 2018 Moms

Weekly Randoms 1/15

What's going on this week ladies?

Me: 35 * DH: 35
Married: July 2005
DS1: Aug. 2006 * DS2: Dec. 2011 * DS3: Jan: 2014 * DS4: Mar. 2018


Re: Weekly Randoms 1/15

  • I love IT crowd :lol:
  • I originally searched "random" gifs... there are some really weird gifs out there people!

    Is anyone else having issues with TB reloading? Mine will say error then reload :/ it is getting annoying...

    Me: 35 * DH: 35
    Married: July 2005
    DS1: Aug. 2006 * DS2: Dec. 2011 * DS3: Jan: 2014 * DS4: Mar. 2018

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  • @justsuzie glad everything was ok! 
  • Has anyone gotten good maternity pjs lately (just basic shorts/T-shirt is what I am looking for)? Every place I look has tight tank tops or long sleeves and pants and something cool that I can grow into is all I need!

  • @justsuzie What a yucky way to spend a Saturday night!  But you're right, at least there was a bright side to the whole experience!
  • @silverhope ohhh, that is cute, thanks! I also go with the husbands shirt towards the end, but I also like something that transitions to nursing friendly one the baby is here. I will probably just order it and see how it is since it is the closest to what I am looking for!

  • @justsuzie, that's scary but I'm so glad everything is okay. I love that the doctor had a sense of humor about it!

    @dem068a, I'm living in oversized tshirts for pjs but I'm too cheap to buy maternity clothes unless I absolutely have to.


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  • @justsuzie that's a funny story now but definitely would have been scary on Saturday! Glad you're ok and that you had a positive experience at L&D prior to your baby arriving! :)
  • @theletlers omg I’m glad you’re ok! That’s quite the scare.
  • @theletlers how scary! Glad you had great nurses and doctors while In recovery 
  • @theletlers oh my! I’m glad both you and baby are doing well! 

    Me: 30 | H: 30

    MMC: 6/2017 (10w5d)
    DS: May 2018
    TTC #2

    BFP: 9/1/19  EDD: 5/14/20

  • @theletlers thank you, that's so sweet!  I'm so glad you and the baby are doing well, that would be very stressful to deal with while pregnant!  Glad you had a good experience.  

    Me, 35 Hubs, 32
    Married June 2012
    BFP June 2013- blighted ovum, D&C Aug 2013
    BFP Oct 2013- twins!  A&H born May 2014
    BFP Aug 2017- EDD 5/8/17

  • @theletlers appendix surgery, yikes! That sounds scary but I'm glad everything went well and you're recovering now.
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