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Large Gap Between Kids

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Hi I'm new here, hope I posted this in the appropriate section. Seems like the topic can apply to other areas as well.

I was wondering if there are any moms with large age gaps between children (15+ years)? Please share your story & experience. Would you do it all over again or do you wish the age gap between kids was smaller.

I had my first at 19, raised a single child with my husband, was a stay at home mom for 12 years, went onto study architecture, & purposefully did not have more kids to check off the things I wanted to accomplish in life. My first will be off to college next summer & I'm starting all over again!

This time I am 36, have advanced in my career, will continue to be a working mom, & will raise another single child since my first will start their own journey in life.

I LOVED being a mom to a single child & look forward to raising my second the same way. Although most parents are excited about their plans after kids leaving the nest, my husband & I are excited to relive all those moments again.

Re: Large Gap Between Kids

  • I had my first at 19 too, only I was a single mother. I had a long term boyfriend for years after he turned 1, but ended it when he wouldn’t commit to anything but his mother. Met my husband and had a boy in August of 2016 and am pregnant now due in September. My oldest is graduating from high school this weekend and I have an almost 2yr old and am pregnant. Life is interesting right now!! BTW I am 38 and this is for sure the last one!
  • I just turned 39 in early November. My kids are 7, 4, & I'm in my first tri with this little pumpkin. My brothers are 14 & 10 years older than me. My mom always said she enjoyed having the age gap because having me at home when the boys were "grown" & gone was a blessing to her. My brothers & I are super close still. :)



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