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Pregnant with Mirena!

Long post ahead.. I’ve been a lurker since my first pregnancy (this is #3). I’ve never felt the need to post, but this time is different. I had my Mirena put in about a year  and 1/2 ago after I had my second child. Everything was fine... until I started having symptoms that I kept blaming on other things (denial is a strong force, let me tell you). I finally broke down and took a test just to ease my mind. BFP! Got into the doctor and found out I was already 9 weeks. (Now, almost 12) The IUD is in my cervix and my doc, whom I love and trust, decided to leave it in place because of the risk of miscarriage when removed... but leaving it in can also result in miscarriage later on. It feels like a catch 22. I’m so frustrated and scared. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any success stories? 
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