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So what is it that you actually do here?

Hobbies anyone?  What do you like to do?

As I mentioned in my other post, I enjoy exercise.  Not in a meathead or cross-fit cult kind of way.  Just keeping it moving.

I also "read" a lot.  My commute has always been 45-90 minutes and I listen to a lot audio-books and podcasts.  I'll read pretty much anything.  I'm in the middle of a historical non-fiction set from pre-WWI going thru I'm not exactly sure what time period.  I'm about three quarter of the way through the second book and Japan just surrendered during WWII.  It's a pretty good set.  Follows like 10 main characters and their kids from different parts of the world and political affiliations through time.  Driving has become my "me" time.  It helps to remind myself that this was a choice, not forced upon me and is a trade off for other things.  But damn it, why can't I have it all?

My summer hobby includes pool maintenance.  There is something very cathartic about vacuuming a pool and tinkering with PH levels.  Unfortunately, we moved in just in time to close the thing.  This is my first go at an in ground pool. I'm hoping  I sufficiently winterized...At least in the home we rented with a pool it was above ground and I didn't have to worry about buried pipes.  I did get a chance to "swim" once before I closed it.  I jumped in the deep end, surfaced, and got out to close it...
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