HDBD 12/27 — The Bump
April 2018 Moms

HDBD 12/27

Let’s see those holiday bumps!
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Mama to Rowan Sebastian and baby boy coming in April!

Re: HDBD 12/27

  • @growingournest i love that!!!
    Proud mama-llama of 2

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  • Last Christmas as a family of TWO
  • @sparklingdiamond - yay for the beach! How are you all doing?
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  • @ftm_ohio I like the Hogwarts shirt.


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  • @Dumbgurl04 do I detect the word Gryffindor on your shirt?? I was trying to read it, but failed lol
  • @klburke88 I’m a SAHM/student or I’d probably have to buy way more maternity clothes. But my belly is a catchall for stains and I know by the end nothing will be reusable! 

    Me (33). DH (37). DD (2.2012). MCs x4. After 4 years & 7 months, due 4.2018!

  • @klburke88 & @Mattel - I work 3 days a week and have 8 shirts and 2 pants. This will be my last pregnancy, so I can’t just more clothes. I’m just hoping these fit for 3 more months!
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  • 25 weeks and 2 days today.  All of you ladies are looking very cute with your bumps!  My kiddo is starting to migrate up, just like my first did.  I have no idea how such a large bump can defy gravity so well.

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