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HCG levels 1197 but nothing on ultrasound ??

So I went to the hospital this morning because I woke up with dark and light discharge and cramping when I wiped .. I had a ultrasound done and a transvaginal ultrasound done . But the doctor said it can still be early that's why nothing is showing . He's saying I might be only 2 weeks pregnant but my lmp was Nov 19 which puts me at about 5 weeks ! Any one experience this I'm freaking out , after Christmas I'm moving my first OB appointment up from Jan 30 to sooner so I can see what's going on ! 

Re: HCG levels 1197 but nothing on ultrasound ??

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    Well unless you know exactly when you ovulated then LMP doesn't really mean much. You could have ovulated later than "usual"! I've ovulated as late as CD 40. Also, my last beta showed around 1200 but they wouldn't do an u/s because they said it would be too early to see anything anyway at that point. Best of luck to you with everything. 

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    Generally you don’t expect to see anything on ultrasound until your HCG is greater than 2000. And there is the possibility that you ovulated later, like @ecwk said. Make sure you follow up with you doctor. I hope this eases your mind some. 
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    ER doctors are know for giving misinformation about pregnancies as well as having crummy u/s equipment. It is impossible to be 2 weeks pregnant, because that is conception date. The doctor clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. Try not to worry too much until you see your OB.
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    If you are cramping and bleeding, you should call your OB, not go to the ER.  Your OB after hours line will tell you what to do if the office is closed, but generally the advice is to not go to the ER unless you have unbearable cramping on one side or are hemorrhaging.  Otherwise they will see you in the morning or send you to l&d triage.  There is no way to stop a miscarriage once it starts, so rushing to the ER is rarely the best course of action.
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