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Short Cervix with Mono-Di Twin

Hey all: I'm 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant with mono-di twins (from IVF - a single embryo transfer that split) and was just found to have a short cervix at a scan yesterday. 2.3cm. My OB did a great job running down the risks. For now she is advising the wait and see approach with advice to take it easy and avoid heavy-lifting, etc. I'll have another scan in 10 days. I have also started vaginal progesterone. Since seeing her I have had very light spotting and very mild cramping.  Neither of which I have had during this pregnancy.

I had an easy and successful singleton pregnancy with no cervical complications less than 2 years ago so this is coming as a bit of a shock . . .

Any advice would be exceedingly appreciated. We are, of course, quite worried. 

Thank you!!

Re: Short Cervix with Mono-Di Twin

  • Unfortunately there really is no advice that can help other than to follow what your OB says. The only other thing I can think of to do is ask for a consult with a high risk doctor to see if they agree with your ob or if they have any other ideas for you. 
    I had cervical funneling and was about 2.3 cms at one point, but I was much further along. They had me take it easy and I started to get weekly u/s to checks on babies and my cervix. I also received steroid injections, but we had a couple other issues that caused them to worry I wouldn't make it to 38 weeks that led to those.

    I know there's no point in telling you not to worry. It's hard to be a momma. Especially after struggling to get pregnant (our twins are also ivf). So just take deep breaths and know you're doing all that you can to keep them safe after healthy.

  • Thanks for the response. My OB is high-risk so that's covered. Repeat scan today showed length of 2.4cm. She's happy I'm holding steady and hopeful this will stay as is for much of the pregnancy. I hope so too!
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