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Nap time

Is anyone having trouble putting their LO down for naps? My daughter sleeps at night great, get up once to feed her, but day time naps she isn't having it. If I do get her down, she wakes up within 30 mins. I swaddle her, rock her, and have a fan going for white nosie. Any suggestions?

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    Every baby is different. With my first i had more hands and time to devote to napping the baby.  Now I have to baby wear to get my kid to sleep a lot of the time during the day, especially with a noisy toddler following me around. He usually does two short naps 30-60 minutes and one longer nap 90-180 minutes. He sleeps 12+ hours at night, so doesn't need a ton of day time sleep. I focus more on making sure he doesn't get over tired in between his naps. 

    Do you have black out curtains? Is the temperature in the room comfortable? She may just not be old enough to get back to sleep after the end of a sleep cycle. Or she may miss you. 
  • I second baby wearing. When my daughter naps in her crib swaddled I'll maybe get a 45 minute nap. On the other hand, when she's in the carrier she will nap 1.5 to 2 hours. And I don't have to work nearly as hard to put her down.
  • I did this with DD, which took longer, but DS is responding very well to it. 

    I watch his sleep patterns- for both of them, I noticed they needed sleep after being awake for roughly 2 hours. So I make sure they are somewhere comfortable at that time. I just started putting DS in his crib, awake, and he falls asleep in a few minutes. I am a firm believer in establishing healthy sleep patterns and this has worked very well for us. 

    I should add that DS was born early (August 26) and he just started doing this, so your daughter may not be ready to transition to regular naps. With DD, it took weeks of going in and helping her periodically to get her to sleep, but she fell into a good pattern eventually. DS will also sleep forever in the Ergo, but I don't want that to be his only option for naps, so I am trying to push crib naps and it seems to be working.

    DD slept in 35 minute chunks during the day for months, so it could be that she has short sleep cycles. Good luck!
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