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Late AF and BFN?

Hi Everyone!
So I am currently 5 days late for AF. I ovulated on either the 17th or 18th of last month and I always get AF on the 6th or 7th of the month. It the 12th and AF still hasn't shown her face. I've taken three HPTs and they have all been negative. Below are the symptoms I've been having since 6dpo. 
Symptoms: Light bleeding (like spotting), headaches, nausea, early on I had no appetite but now I am Sooooo hungry, EMOTIONAL!! I cry over nothing and am moody all the time, CM is very weird...I've had constant cm but it varies between watery/EWCM/white lotiony, gas pains, thirst, sore nipples and pinching feeling in boobies, I'm also exhausted, and the last one that made me think "Wow!" was that the other night I had one glass of wine and a cigarette (I can hold my alcohol) and a minute later I was puking everywhere.

I just really need some other mommies to help me figure out what is going on! 

Re: Late AF and BFN?

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    Against the rules to ask if your pregnant. Pregnancy and PMS are pretty much the same symptoms early on. Wait a bit longer and if you still don’t get AF and -hpt see your doctor 
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