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A little sister for Bradley

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So we have to use an M name for religious reasons/naming after a family member and i am choosing to make that the middle. We are very torn between these 2 names and very much in need of some help! What should we give our baby girl??Thank you in advance for your votes/opinions!!!

A little sister for Bradley 41 votes

Brielle Maxine
65% 27 votes
Brittany McKayla
34% 14 votes

Re: A little sister for Bradley

  • I have to be honest I don’t fine Brielle or Brittany at all as classy as Bradley. Are you wanting a B name? 

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    Well yes, we were hoping to keep the "B" going as we think it's better, preferably a Br-That would be even more ideal. I love the sound of the names together i think they are both equally cute with bradley
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  • I prefer Brittany to Brielle but prefer Maxine to McKayla.  



  • I don’t love either Brittany or Brielle; voted for Brielle because to me Brittany has bad connotations (super trendy in the 80s/90s and every one I know was snobby). I think Maxine is great though! 

    More B name ideas:

  • I prefer Brittany, but I think that Bradley and Brittany sound silly as a sibset.  The matching Br start and the -y ending are too much.  Bradley and Brielle work much better together.  
  • neither

    love bridget

  • Neither is particularly appealing to my tastes, here is another Br name though, Briar.
  • Thanks so much for all the input so far, it is truly helping. How does everyone feel about Gabriella instead of just Brielle ?
  • Gabriella Maxine would be lovely. 

    Added bonus of less chance of mixing up their names when you are mad at one.
  • Gabriella Maxine or Gabrielle Maxine are beautiful! 
  • Love the idea of Gabriella Maxine.

  • Also love Gabriella Maxine! Plus you can call her Bri for a nickname and still get the Br- name you’re looking for without being matchy.
  • Love Gabriella!!! 
  • I love Gabriella Maxine!
  • Briar or Bronwyn would be much better fits to pair with Bradley.

    I do like Gabriella!

  • Gabriella is much better imo 
  • This has been really helpful, i've been leaning toward Gabriella i just wasnt completely sure. We may call her Brielle anyway since we love it so much! Another name we're considering that doesn't follow the B pattern  is Jamie, but need to know....What is the popular opinion of this one ?
  • I think Gabrielle is much better than Jamie. I know it's a legit name, but it just seems so nicknamey to me. Also, it doesn't age well, IMO.

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    Gabriella over Jamie. No contest. I agree that Jamie seems nick namey. Maybe because I know a James that goes by Jamie. 
  • I prefer gabriella to jamie too-And we definitely want Gabriella, not gabrielle. I was a little bit concerned about the popularity of it though.....Thoughts on that???
  • Jamie is all nickname to me, and kinda plain.
  • Although it’s not an uncommon name, I wouldn’t consider it very popular, and it seems to be trending down. I actually don’t know any Gabriellas 
  • Thanks so much for all the input so far, it is truly helping. How does everyone feel about Gabriella instead of just Brielle ?
       Much better.....then you can use Briella as a nn if you wish. Matchy names are cute on toddlers, but that's about it
  • @sassygirl51486 not on subject but does your Bradley go by that or do people try to cut it to Brad?  Bradley is on our list but I hate when names get chopped up.
  • As a 30 year old Jamie I can give you some perspective about how I feel about my name. I’ve always thought it was a good solid name, not too popular, not to out there. It didn’t feel overly feminine or masculine. I never had a lot of (If any) other Jamies in my classes which was nice. There aren’t really any good nicknames for it, which as a kid kind of annoyed me. I would say I give my name a “meh”. My naming style as an adult is waaaay different from my parents. 
  • Gabriella 100%!
  • I don't care for either. Both lack the old fashioned sweetness of Bradley. I like the suggestions of:

    Brooke (my personal fav with brother Bradley)

    Honestly, Gabriella is a mouthful and so similar to Isabella which is over the top popular now, I'd keep looking. 

  • Gabriella much much better

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