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  • @gspmom21 I don't see a problem with that. I figure there is no right or wrong way to feed your dog as long as they get proper nutrition
  • I never feed my dogs table food, could leave a plate next them and go grab something and come back and it wouldn't be touched.  MY HUSBAND on the other hand started feeding them whatever he had in his hands and the dogs crowd around him like Ace Ventura and when he complains I see RED 
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  • @lindsayleigh1989 No problem. I am often criticize Bc I still vaccinate my kids after my son was diagnosed. 
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  • gspmom21 said:

    I am 100000% against feeding my dog human/table food. Totally fine with people doing that to their dogs. If my dog grabs something small off the floor i'll go over to her and pluck it back out. NO ENJOYMENT FOR YOU.

    ETA I know I should have said this on Flame Free because I'm sure i'll get a lot of grief from that. lol

    Can I ask why? As a dog trainer you’re my worst nightmare as a student haha. Dogs work so much better for high value rewards. Chicken, cheese, hotdogs. 


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  • @acunamatada and @lindsayleigh1989 I think my main thing with it is I HATE dogs who beg, it drives me completely insane. I lived with my uncle for a summer and his dogs were huge beggers. they would sit right in front of me and stare me down. I'd put something in between the two of us and they would walk around so they could make eye contact. If dogs knew how to eat human food and not beg I wouldn't even care!! And its the worst then they come put their head on you at the dinner table or even put their head on the table while I'm trying to eat.

    @acunamatada DH and I both agreed i'll probably be that way when the little one comes. i'll be too busy juggling 78 things and be too lazy to clean up, but I don't have all that to worry about now so no noms for you dog!

    I know I always write too much. lol.

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  • @thediarywithin I agree with your statement. Someone doesn't have to vaccinate, their choice, but they can't use that as an excuse with proven studies.
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  • @brittg13 Noooooo, he can't complain! He caused that! My dog has never been intentionally fed, but she did grab burgers off the counter once when we ran outside. I think she would steal food if possible again. She often goes in the kitchen to sniff the floor but it's a huge no dog zone so I make her get out asap
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  • I HATE begging. He knows better than to beg with me. He'll be making eye contact from across the room, I'll ask him if he's begging and he'll hide his face to avoid eye contact lol. But DH gives him people food all the time... drives me absolutely crazy.
    When we're eating as a family at the table he knows to lay in his bed, then he gets to eat. Works for us, but doesn't stop the begging for snacks if he still gets people food from DH whenever he feels like it. 
    I think we're lucky he won't eat off counters because he's such a big dog, but he's known for taking baby treats out of the diaper bag while we're sleeping so now everything goes up out of reach. @julesf817 @gspmom21 ;
  • @gspmom21 I think the begging thing is all about training your dog. We have 2 Labs and they frequently get “treats” - leftovers from
    meals, etc. But if we sit down with food, they are gone from the room before you take a bite. They know better. We have to invite them into the room if we are eating and want them in there with us. 

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  • To the begging dogs—— my pup would never beg when I’m eating buuuuuut he knows DH will give him whatever his cute puppy eyes want. It’s so obnoxious!!! 
  • @lindsayleigh1989 it's also people just seeing one single thing on social media and run with it. It kills me when people don't research anything, no matter what the topic is.
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  • @allishally13 your name spooked me for a second, my name is Alisha IRL lol 
  • Totally agree with the anti-vaxxers!! This is why things are coming back, please people aren't getting vaccinated! *face palm!*
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  • Haha well I guess my UO is that vaccines CAN and DO cause harm. I am vaccine injured and will never put my children in the position to suffer with a vaccine injury as I have.

    Also, I don’t subscribe to the “vaccines cause autism” thing. I’m not one of “those” anti-Vaxxers lol

    Alas, I think it is about parental rights and informed decisions. I don’t know or care about anyone else’s choices but I definitely believe whatever your choice is, it should be an informed one.

    Oh, and dogs begging make me want to fight lol So I’m totally with y'all on that  :D

    Kylie M.

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  • hillbillywifehillbillywife member
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    Showing up to say I also roll my eyes and get ragey about anti-vaxxers! 

    And @devilcat139 I totally feel for people who work in these industries that are portrayed as these evil people who only care about money and station. I just refuse to believe that everyone working there has the worst intentions. It’s so ridiculous! Why would people work to make medicines and vaccines only to do harm to their own families and children?? 

    @julesf817 ohhh thanks for suggestions! I also hate begging (who doesn’t) and I have a Dachshund that truly believes in his little heart that he is entitled to the food on my plate. Drives everyone crazy- especially when he invites himself to the kids’ food. Usually I try to keep him away when the kids are eating but that time of day is crazy for me TBH and he slips through the cracks sometimes. 

    Im so wordy today. Goodness. 

    I guess i should add an UO: this is the only thing I can think of and it’s more of a confession, but it’s  all I got, and it’s definitely an unpopular action. I sent DS to school today with a fever. I gave him ibuprofen before he left and it came down to normal but he probably should have been kept home another day to make sure it stays away. He felt well enough to go, so go he did. 

  • @kmac103 may I ask which vaccine caused you harm? Vaccine injury is a new topic to me, and I’m very curious about it. If this is too personal I understand. I’m just wondering which vaccine injured you and what the harmful effects were?
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    RE: Begging Dogs...I'm not a fan of begging. Taught my dog not to beg by giving her lemon slice under the table. She now associates under the table begging with yuckiness. The dogs (my dog and my mom's) only crowd around the high chair (baby sit nieces and nephews) because they know the littles will drop food at some point. So if the littles aren't there, Pari is laying either under the table, snoring, or on the couch. MUAHAHAHA! However, they will get table scraps in their bowls on occasion. Also, agree with julesf817 with the treats. I find the dogs pay better attention when they know they are being rewarded with the "good stuff". I will take weenies to the shelter I volunteer at, so that I can grab the dog's attention when walking by other dogs and the cats. Works AMAZING!

     I had a great UO, then I went on above rant and now my pregnancy brain has taken over...FAIL.

    *Edit- because TB wouldn't take my gif

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  • @pregnant_and_paleo there is no way for me to narrow down which vaccine actually caused the damage. I joined the military and when I went to boot camp I was given at least a dozen at once along with several at my first duty station. It basically caused my health to snowball and I went from a healthy 21 year old to an infertile, bedridden, chronically ill 22 year old.(I also went from 115 pounds to 200 pounds in less than two years) I developed numerous conditions, the most serious of which was thyroid cancer at 24 (Which was shocking to all of my doctors and family as no one in my family has ever had thyroid disorders or thyroid cancer and I had no other risk factors) Basically, my body just shut down one system at a time (started with my digestive system, then my kidneys, then my heart, then my nervous system) until I started detox processes and switched to an almost entirely chemical free lifestyle. I’m 28 now and still struggle with my heart problems and have to take medication every day for my thyroid being removed but I am definitely lucky that I didn’t have it worse. 

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  • @acunamatada I agree that decisions based on narratives are not informed decisions at all. That’s like going vegan because you watched one movie about it lol People need to do their own research and make their decisions based upon said research. I never knew anything about vaccines before becoming so ill. I had never thought twice about them, honestly. Becoming injured was a crappy way to have my eyes opened to being my own biggest Heath advocate but, I can’t change it, all I can do is keep on keeping on and fight for my health and the health of my family.

    Kylie M.

    Baby #1 Born 12.16.2015

    Baby #2 Due 7.13.2018

  • kmac103  What type of Thyroid Cancer, if you don't mind me asking? I had Stage II Papillary Thyroid Cancer when I was 19. Total Thyroidectomy, Partial Parathyroidectomy (3 of 4 were removed), and 7 lymph nodes on the right side of my neck were removed when I was 20. Good couple rounds of radiation. Few relapses. Hypothyroidism runs in my family however no history of thyroid cancer. So, I'm always interested when someone else has/had thyroid cancer and their story. 

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