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Wednesday Ticker Change - 12/6

Hope it's okay that I'm starting this!

 1. How many weeks along are you? How big is baby?

2. How are you feeling lately?

3. Any appointments coming up?

4. Rants, Raves, Questions?

5. Who have you told about your BFP so far?  

Re: Wednesday Ticker Change - 12/6

  •  1. How many weeks along are you? How big is baby? 
    4 weeks today! Baby is a poppy seed.

    2. How are you feeling lately?
    Mainly just excited.  Slightly nauseous but not too bad yet, and I have a racing heart.  That could be because I'm excited or because of the coffee...who knows.  I did have a racing heart all through my first pregnancy though, so I'm not surprised by this.

    3. Any appointments coming up?
    Not yet.  Should probably call the doctor today and get something scheduled.

    4. Rants, Raves, Questions?
    I ordered the book "My New Baby" from Amazon to tell H and DD this weekend.  Hopefully all goes well!  It's supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I'm going to wrap it up and do an early Christmas gift to both of them on Saturday morning.

    5. Who have you told about your BFP so far?  
    My two best friends, and the ladies from my Jan. '17 BMB.  And y'all, of course.  
  •  1. How many weeks along are you? How big is baby? 6 weeks today :) Lentil-sized

    2. How are you feeling lately? Tired, slightly nauseous. Because this is my third I already feel like my pants are tight but I feel like I need to make it a respectable amount of time before busting out the belly bands or maternity pants. By the end of the day it's worse. I am having crazy dreams every night and today I was up at 4:30 for the day.

    3. Any appointments coming up? I have a dating u/s in 2 weeks, I could be 3 days ahead because I either ovulated day 14 or 17. I went with 17 but I am curious what they will find. If so I would be in July, however my last baby was 5 days late so I will just stay on the August BMB anyway if so :)

    4. Rants, Raves, Questions? BTDT so nothing really new. I am used to being in the middle or even towards the end of the month, so I only realized yesterday I would literally be one of the furthest along on the board - like I was asking everyone how they were going to tell families the news on Christmas thinking some might be a bit ahead of me, some a bit behind... um no some ladies on here will be a full month behind and are probably just DTD now! That's new for me!

    5. Who have you told about your BFP so far? A few friends. I am feeling a bit guilty for telling friends before my family but I really want to tell them in a special way on Christmas. DS1 was also asking today why mommy's tummy was hurting and I get tempted to tell him, but I will wait a few weeks to make sure they don't blab to anyone. I am getting the Panorama this time so I will be able to tell the boys soon what they are getting which might help make it real for them.

  • @alinafed ; I'm unsure about ovulation too, but my EDD is smack in the middle of the month so it wouldn't push me to a new board.  So jealous that your first u/s is already coming up so fast! Keep us posted on your EDD!
  • 1. How many weeks along are you? How big is baby?
    5w; sesame seed.

    2. How are you feeling lately?
    crampy, and tired. I have taken TWO two hour naps already today. I'd been trying to fight the fatigue for the most part, but I've just decided to embrace the symptoms and roll with it. Since I don't work outside the home I have the luxury, so I may as well take advantage of it!

    3. Any appointments coming up?
    First OBGYN appt is on the 14th. I'm pretty sure it's just an introductory and health history visit. I probably wont get any news until 8 weeks.

    4. Rants, Raves, Questions?
    My boobs are crazy. They've been sore, and have already grown two cup sizes. The rest of me isn't growing yet, so this is pretty shocking. I really didn't expect this so soon. 

    5. Who have you told about your BFP so far?
    Personally I have told my husband, my mom, my kids (they're 20 and 17 years old) and a couple of friends. My husband and mom, however, are both super excited and can't keep their mouths shut. I think everyone that either of them works with knows, plus several friends and a couple a family members. I wasn't going to tell anyone until much later, but with those two spilling the beans I felt left out of my own good news! I gave up on trying to control the story, it's out there, and now I'm just hoping for the best.
    DSD: 20
    DSS: 18
    Team green baby due: Aug 6th, 2018

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