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Spotting and workouts

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Im a fitness instructor and i I teach a few days a week. I’ve noticed that for the past week, I’m 5w 6d, that I spot light pink or brown the days that I teach or go running. Has anyone else had this? I have modified and am not working out at a high intensity. TIA

Re: Spotting and workouts

  • I’ve been spotting like this for the last month. Last pregnancy I spotted as well and i think I just have a friable cervix. Definitely mention it to your OB 
  • This would be a good question to go in the questions thread so that we don't clutter the board :smile:
  • My OB told me to take a break on working out for a week when I had spotting and instructed me to buy a heart rate monitor and avoid exceeding 140 bpm for the rest of my first pregnancy.

    Definitely call your OB.
  • I’d check in with your provider for sure. Spotting can mean nothing, but it can also be a signal

    11/18/16 missed m/c 9w1
    05/2017 cp
    08/03/17 no hb 8w

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    I'm a fitness trainer. Light to moderate exercise (walking), yoga and body weight excercises help to stop and or reduce my spotting, cramping and pain. I'm 6weeks today.
  • @lindseywit I had this when i was pregnant with DD last year, usually when I went for a run. When I asked my OB she told me it sometimes happened because of pressure on the cervix, and it was totally normal and wouldn’t hurt anything. She said I could continue running and exercising (encouraged it actually!), just told me to expect the spotting every time. (Such a relief as I did not want to give up running/working out!!) I would double check with your doctor, but it should be fine :) 
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