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  • i would definitely wait on the pump and see what your insurance will cover. Mine was covered 100%. I also bought a hand pump second hand for $5 and that was the best purchase. I took it with my on an overnight trip away from DS when I was still nursing him and pumped (and dumped :( ) on the plane, in the car, and hotel. The funniest part was when I forgot the pump in the car for one of our hikes and i ended up hand expressing milk as privately as i could...all over the beach. (I couldn't wait, btw, engorgement sucks and it was a 4 hour hike.)

    My real question is...for those who have been prescribed diclegis or zofran for hyperemesis gravidarum, did it help?? I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow because i can barely function and holding down water is difficult. I'm taking B6 and unisom right now which was helping the past couple of days but not today. 

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  • Is it normal to still be cramping during week 7?

    Today’s cramps and all the spotting over the weekend are making me sooo nervous.....
  • @flockofmoosen3 I didn't find Zofran to be super helpful unless I took it on recently emptied stomach. The most helpful was just making it further into pregnancy  :/

    @pregnant_and_paleo I still cramped for a while with DD, though I don't remember exactly how long. With this pregnancy, I still have occasional cramping at 10 weeks. I also spotted with DD for a while and my OB attributed it to a slanted cervix (rubbing on the vaginal wall caused some spotting). I called if it was bright red but it never resulted in any issues.
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert yeah when I talked to my dr she said just to let them know if it turns bright red. But the combo of cramps+spotting is mega scary... good to hear someone else dealt with spotting- thank you.
  • @babygagnon2018 They changed ours, so ours doesn't roll over anymore. Over the last couple years we used it a lot for various physical therapy appointments, so we put in as much as we normally do but I'm a lot stronger/healthier now than I used to be and didn't have to go nearly as often so we're ending up with money left in there. Trying to figure out what to use it for because there are only so many vitamins and first aid kits our household needs!
  • @runsomewhere +1 to the neti pot suggestion. It always clears me right up. Breathe Right strips and running a humidifier are helpful as well. Feel better!

    Also, add me to the Spectra fan club. It's a fantastic pump!

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  • @pregnant_and_paleo I've had on and off cramping and some spotting (some bright red, some brown, some pink...) off an on.  It's nerve wracking and annoying.  Hang in there!
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  • Thanks @WorkinWeezel so scary, right?! Hope yours clears up! Thanks for sharing.... I can’t wait to tell my family so I can pick their brains.... right now I just feel mega alone in all this and you ladies really help! 
  • @pregnant_and_paleo Have you had intercourse in the past few days? I did around week 6 and I cramped and spotted after. I had a small bit of red blood but mostly brown. OB also said you can spot up to 7 days after intercourse. I went that day and had an ultrasound and everything was ok.
    I still have some cramping occasionally, but as far as I know, the little one is growing away in there.
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  • @gspmom21 we actually haven’t had intercourse since the day we conceived..... which is wicked depressing for newlyweds  :s and now he’s terrified intercourse will cause more spotting / be problematic 
  • So jealous of everyone getting ultrasounds.  I have my first appointment tomorrow and they said they dont do one until 12 weeks :( so bummed
  • Hey, not sure if this is the right place to post but can anyone help me figure this out? I’m 6 weeks 2 days (yesterday) when they took my blood test and my hcg is 1428 and my progesterone came back very low at 5.5... does that mean I will probably miscarry? 
    Your progesterone looks low, but if you get on supplements it should help. Ask your doc for a prescription ASAP. HCG looks good, but it needs to double in a certain period (48-72 hours). HTH.
  • @babygagnon2018 I only had one at 6+4 because of complications.... I’m sure the wait is hard though! I can’t wait for my second one to make sure he’s still there! 
  • @babygagnon2018 what @pregnant_and_paleo said! Most ladies with early u/s had one because of current complications or previous losses/complications or went through IF treatment, etc. Not many doctors do dating ultrasounds unless you have really irregular cycles. Some don't do your first u/s until 20 weeks! I know the wait really sucks- but just think you'll have an u/s with your little bean looking like a tiny human instead of a chicken nugget! 
  • Thanks ladies!  They did a doppler today so I got to see the heart flickering.  No sound but I legit almost cried just seeing that flicker in there.
  • What is everyone's plan for maternity leave if you work? I just told my bosses and they were very supportive and understanding. We are a tiny company but I'll be able to leave for 12 weeks and keep all my vacation time if I so wish. It's unpaid but I'm lucky to get California disability plus I have additional disability insurance. Hubby has 8weeks paid paternity...I'm nervous but I think we can manage. Any other work from home mamas out there with advice on anything else I should consider? @babygagnon2018 congratulations!
  • @kissableviv I get the 4 weeks prior to my due date off at 65% of my salary, I plan on returning from maternity leave in January 2019 so baby will be about 5.5 months old. 12 weeks of leave after the baby leave will be paid, the rest totally unpaid. Hubby has 6 weeks paid paternity, I think he will just use it all after the baby comes so we can hang out as a family and adjust to our new life. I'm super grateful for being able to take this much time off though I'm jealous of my cousin in Europe who just had a baby and has a year off paid.
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  • So I woke up with cramps this morning, kept running to the bathroom thinking it was that. Cramps have been mild but on and off all day. In the past hour or so they've become super consistent, basically constant, but not really going up in intensity. I would still consider them mild. No bleeding but I keep checking. I never had consistent and constant cramping like this in my last pregnancy, and this is really the first time this pregnancy I've had any cramping... is this a bad sign? Should I call the midwife if there's no bleeding? Sigh. This coupled with decreasing symptoms the past few days is really messing with my mind, and Google is not making me feel any better. 
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    @zande2016 oh I'm sorry you're going through that worry. I would call the MW them just in case- worst case they'll send you for some betas or an u/s to help ease your mind. Is it possible you're dehydrated? I tend to get crampy when I don't drink enough. Tylenol, laying on my side and drinking a good amount of water help. 
  • @acunamatada I probably didn't drink nearly enough water today. I am going to try Tylenol and lying on my side with lots of water. Will definitely call in the morning if it continues. Thank you! 
  • Hi there. I haven't gone to the introduction thread because I'm hesitant to post my due date, feeling like it might not end up being a due date. 

    I have had light brown spotting on and off for a week, and a tiny bit of pink. To reassure me my doctor tested my HCG - it didn't reassure me and the nurse who called didn't seem reassured either. At 5w6d I was 19,400. At 6w1d I was 28,200, or about 45% higher. She said she would like to see the numbers closer to doubling and that we would know more at my ultrasound next week. 

    Well, next week my in laws are visiting the night of my ultrasound (genius, I know). I felt like she wanted to cushion the blow but I would rather be prepared for anything so I'm not shocked and devasted in front of my in laws.

    Has anyone else had high but slow rising HCG at 6w?  
  • @texasmainer While your cycles can be very regular you can experience delayed ovulation or delayed implantation which can cause the baby to be behind. i was behind a week with my first and now 5 days with this one :) fingers crossed it is something like that for you :)
  • Is it normal to still be cramping during week 7?

    Today’s cramps and all the spotting over the weekend are making me sooo nervous.....
    I'm another one experiencing cramping. No bleeding, but insanely sharp pains. (Feels similar to cyst rupturing). So scared. Despite trying not to get so excited, it was impossible once I saw LO's little heart beat.
  • I'll be taking the full 18 months for my mat leave, though I don't think I'll be paid for the last few months (I need to work 600h between returning to work and starting my mat leave but I don't think I'll quite make it).
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  • I don't think being behind would change the anaylsis of the tests though - my levels would be considered even more unusually high and even more slow to double. Being further ahead might be a brighter outcome but I know I am not further ahead.
  • @kissableviv I'm only taking 10 weeks as of now.  My company is making me use my two weeks vacation so I can really only afford to be out of work for 8 weeks.  DH gets 3 weeks vacation and 2 weeks paternity, so we may try and split it up.  I wish companies had better plans for expectant mothers.  Especially if you've been with the company a while.
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    @kissableviv I only work PT so I'll get 12 weeks unpaid through FMLA. DH can't really take off much more than a week at a time because of his job so he'll do about a week off and then a couple weeks of short days. He can basically make his own schedule but as the owner he doesn't like to be away long and his company doesn't offer paternal leave.  
  • DH and i get 10 wks paid. I get an additional 6 partial pay with company short term disability. I get unlimited time off but i don’t want to use it much at first. I don’t want to abuse it especially with my new position. I’d be happ with taking 2 wks off before delivery an then my 16 wks. Last time i only had 13 wks and it wasn’t enough. 

    I’ve been having on and off sharp pains but nothing consistent or bleeding. I had cramping two weeks ago with brown spotting but probably due to SCH. Cleared after 3 days. My next appointment is Monday so trying to keep calm as long as I’m not bleeding.
  • @acunamatada this is pretty much our situation too. PT with 12 weeks unpaid for me and DH not wanting to be away from work since it's his family's business (and busier in the summer months). He will probably not take much time off at all. He went in to work the day after both our boys were born, which was actually fine. They sleep so much when we're in the hospital!
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    @AlyLynn07 summer times are slow times for him so he'll most likely be able to take a solid week off (but I'm sure he'll be stopping in all the time). Technically it'll be a vacation, he gets 3wks a year but can't combine them. I envy those with normal jobs! 
    He's resigning his contract soon and is supposed to get a month long sabbatical with it, I wish he could've taken it in July! 
  • @acunamatada glad it works out that summers are slow for your DH. We just don't plan our baby making very well because our sons were born in June and August. Thankfully, we do have a family trip planned in February.
  • Is anyone planning a babymoon? It seems like March-April are the best time to do this, but if I can't go south for a beach vacation due to Zika, I have no idea where to go!! Hope you guys have some good ideas  :)
  • @AlyLynn07 my H doesn’t take really any time off either. He’s self employed and doesn’t have employees. It’s a bummer that they don’t get to spend more time at home relaxing cuz they deserve a break too, but business calls! 

    @acunamatada I envy people with normal jobs too. I just said to H the other day that I wouldn’t know what to do with him if he had a week of vacation several times a year lol 

  • @ckmb_knottie not specifically a babymoon but DH and I always travel in either March or April then again in September/October.

    I have no idea where we should go this year! We love Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean but so many places are out because of Zika. Even Hawaii doesn't seem to be 100% in the clear.

    We were thinking Sedona AZ or the Grand Canyon for some great hiking and relaxation. Based on my last pregnancy I assume I'll be feeling up to some good hiking but who knows. I also worry that I'll be limited to what activities I can do and a trip will be a waste of money. We're still thinking about it but might just save our money for a great trip later.

    In October we are planning Disney Land for DD's 3rd birthday. Not usually the type of trip we'd take but I think it will be fun. Personally I kind of want to go to the Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos but I think Disney would be a fun birthday for DD.
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  • @kat029 you feeling any better? How are those cramps????
  • @ckmb_knottie I definitely want to go somewhere. Zika sucks though, I'm so freaking close to Mexico! Would have been easy and affordable. Hawaii is probably what we will do. @runsomewhere ; fyi it's totally safe there, lots of pregnant friends have been this year. I was in Tahiti for our honeymoon and did not get bitten once and that area was also in the clear. I did my research as I was hoping for a honeymoon babe, and now it's on the way!
    We may end up visiting my parents in Italy but it will depend on how things progress, $$, weather, etc. I would much rather go to Hawaii. 
  • Is anyone planning a babymoon? It seems like March-April are the best time to do this, but if I can't go south for a beach vacation due to Zika, I have no idea where to go!! Hope you guys have some good ideas  :)
    So we have a trip planned to Ft Lauderdale in February, which was booked before we found out we were expecting. We asked the OB's opinion since it's not too far from Miami and she said she would not be concerned about it. It should be 75-80 degrees and (Southwest) flights were pretty reasonable.
  • Regarding Zika- this was an “oops” pregnancy and I had been in Florida about 3 weeks prior to conception- que anxiety- OB thankfully said no worries currently about Floridia area according to the cdc 
  • I know I should post in symptoms but this happened with my last pregnancy my arm hurts !!! Not painful but more like a soreness in my joints. In my fingers wrist and elbow, kinda feels like they need to crack ugh I hope someone knows what I’m talking about 
  • I know I should post in symptoms but this happened with my last pregnancy my arm hurts !!! Not painful but more like a soreness in my joints. In my fingers wrist and elbow, kinda feels like they need to crack ugh I hope someone knows what I’m talking about 
    Long shot but carpal tunnel? I don’t describe it as needing to pop though. But I developed it with last Pregnancy and it had hung around.
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