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HDBD 11/29/17

OK, I know it's a day late, but we've gone a few weeks, so... here we go again!
This first picture is us after being apart for 36 hours. I had to have my gall bladder removed, and it's the longest we've ever been apart! We were really happy to see each other.

We participated in Birdie's first 1 Mile walk/run. We crossed the finish line last, but she got her medal, and was really proud. The race was dedicated to a lady we loved very much that passed, and it was a good first time for her.
Swinging at Grandma's while I was recuperating!


Re: HDBD 11/29/17

  • My sweet sleepy demanding Zack! Had to have a bath at 10am. he plays so hard he crashes hard!

  • We got our Christmas tree and Harper kept saying “wow, mazing”. 
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  • These are from Thanksgiving weekend. We went to my hometown’s Christmas parade and Evelyn had fun playing with Grandma’s magnets!

  • Keaton's "what mom" face.
    Parade of light
  • Brynlee certainly isn't lacking in the sass department. Funniest kid I've ever met. Just the things that come out of her mouth astound me.

    Showing her big brother who's boss... Lol

     Wearing mommy's "backpack."

    Eating and wearing her spaghetti and garlic bread...

    And being absolutely adorable on big brother's field trip. 
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