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End of Nov Symptoms

Because it’s been awhile since we’ve started a new one! 

Re: End of Nov Symptoms

  • Nausea is making a come back and then I have a super weird symptom that may or may not be pregnancy related.. all of a sudden my feet are cracking and bleeding (literally). I tend to have dry feet, but they haven’t cracked and bled in years and it’s usually once it gets really cold here if I don’t wear proper socks and shoes. Unrelated? Ouch! 
  • Panic attacks, all night long, every time I drift off to sleep. I haven't slept properly in 4 days. I'm trying to get in touch with a psychiatrist. There is only one nearby that takes my insurance. They're not answering their phone, but I left a message.
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  • Trouble falling asleep. Ugh. Dreading stopping my diclectin because I feel it'll make my insomnia worse.
  • @chasingroygbiv, I have terribly dry skin and when I was younger it was much worse. My mom used to put vaseline on my hands and I'd sleep with socks on my hands (so not to get the vaseline EVERYWHERE) and it helped so much. Maybe try that on your feet?

    @HappyMonkey817, I'm really sorry you're experiencing that and I hope you hear back from the Psychiatrist soon and get in for a meeting.
  • @HappyMonkey817 I hope you get a callback soon! Thinking of you. Panic attacks are the worst. 

    @justkeeptrying with my first my insomnia was pretty rough and my OB approved me taking Unisom as needed for the whole pregnancy. Might be worth asking your OB about. 
  • @HappyMonkey817 I hope you can get some relief soon! 
  • My vericose veins in my legs particularly in my feet ankles are getting really bad and feet/ankles are swelling.  While it’s ideal to be off my feet which is what is recommended, it’s not possible. My OB had given me some names of specialists to see, but says options are limited in pregnancy - I think I’m going to have to make an appointment as my primary doctor wants me evaluated for blood clots.  I don’t think I have a blood clot, but rather just on my feet for 18 hours a day.    It sucks because it’s end of the year and I haven’t met the deductible so it’d be OOP.  
  • Hemorrhoids. Holy Hemorrhoids. Ugh.

    @HappyMonkey817 it's criminal that you have to wait for the help you deserve. I hope you get relief soon. Sending good vibes your way. <3 
  • @mmom3 I have spider veins like crazy but just in one leg. I do have a spot where there are vericose veins but the rest is just purple. Have you tried compression socks to help?
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  • @HappyMonkey817 hope you get relief soon, panic attacks are the worst.

    I am starving and tired all of the time- it must be a growth spurt bc all of a sudden my belly got huge.
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  • Thanks to all. They can't see me until Tuesday. Ugh
  • @justkeeptrying I do Vaseline (antibiotic ointment first for the bleeders) and socks during the day, unfortunately I can’t sleep with socks on because I get too hot! Something’s gotta give!

    @gh515 Also part of the hemorrhoids club. And I haven’t pooped again in almost a week so.. it’ll be a real good time when I do go again.. 

    Also, I can never spell hemorrhoids. Is that even right?
  • I haven’t because my doc wants them looked at before I do anything with a Doppler study vein mapping again.  I need the full panel ones and will need a prescription from a medical supply.  Mine are so bad they are black at my mid calf down to my feet.   My mom thinks my toes even look blue/blackish.  I’ve been struggling with them since I was in my late teens.  I’ve had multiple surgeries and procedures.  This pregnancy has been hard on my legs.
  • @chasingroygbiv I can never spell that word either, I’m not even going to try :D I am really amazed I don’t have any so far, I had a few about 8 years ago or so, I think from just the stress of getting married and immediately opening a business, and I always thought they would come back if I got pregnant. 
  • Sleep is such a struggle, I wake up every 30 or 45 minutes to roll onto my other side, it's exhausting!
  • Lower back pain is intense for me. Hope everyone can get the relief they need!!
  • @HappyMonkey817 I hope the psychiatrist is helpful. it sucks that you have to wait so long. 

    I'm also in the sleeping badly club. I have bags under my eyes. I wake up every 45 min to roll over. And some nights I wake up hangry and have to get up for a snack at 3 am. 

    And this week, I have major stretch marks on my boobs, mostly the inner lower quadrant (if that makes sense?). They are really bad. The skin is warped like it's been shredded and someone did a bad job of taping it back together. Don't think I can do anything, but if anyone has suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. 
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  • @fatstagnation just keep your skin moisturized to help them fade and, possibly, heal. Every stretch mark I got with my last pregnancy is gone now, and the only thing I can attribute to it is taking care of my skin. If you’re going to get stretch marks, you’re going to get them, no matter what you do. But you can help them fade a little faster. 
  • Is it more common to feel baby move less as they get bigger? I don’t remember what it was like with my daughter, but I’ve definitely noticed less movement this last week. I’m still feeling movement every day so I’m not too concerned, just wondering.
  • @ShawnnaO yes, as they run out of room it will decrease, you’ll still have kicks and stuff but they won’t be rolling around as much. 
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  • @Mass-girl-at-heart I’ve been nauseated again the last few days as well, hoping this isn’t going to be part of third trimester for me.  :/ 

    I’m also having trouble with my teeth, one in the back and one up front that’s already had 2 root canals.. WHAT? I was scheduled for my regular cleaning next week, but not sure I can/want to hold out that long. I’ve had to have a root canal every pregnancy, so guess this is just a trend for me. It runs in my family and it stinks!! 
  • Sleep is such a struggle, I wake up every 30 or 45 minutes to roll onto my other side, it's exhausting!
    Same here. I'm so damn tired but dread going to bed because i just toss and turn because my hips ache or my arm falls asleep.
  • Can't sleep... ever. And when I do, very vivid, bizarre dreams again. Aches and pains. I'm pretty sure I'm incubating a cross between Chuck Norris and a ninja turtle wanna-be. Indigestion is grossing me out, but still no heartburn. My emotions are a rollercoaster. I've never felt like this before. One day I'm excited the next... terrified. Then I want to cry. I've been sitting in her nursery a lot lately just rocking in the rocking chair.. waiting. Trying to imagine what it's going to be like. I don't know, guess I'm just overwhelmed. It's always been me, DH and the dogs. And now to think I will have a tiny human to take care of until I die... kinda scares the shit out of me. But a lot of people say, "once you see her, you won't know what life was like before her."

    Well, I'm ready for the moment because I hate feeling scared like this. I don't want to let her down.

  • vflux33 said:
    Add me to the pregnancy sucks club. And to the feeling guilty for hating being pregnant club. I didn't go through IVF, but I did do IF treatment (IUI + drugs) to get here and I hate admitting how much I hate being pregnant. And when I run into one of those people who absolutely LOVED being pregnant and had zero symptoms, a not so small part of me wants to slap them. Yes, I'm glad for you that you had such an easy "magical" time with all this, now if you could please shut up that would be great, thanks. 

    I relate to all the fears too, and TBH it kind of annoys me when ppl tell me how much my life is gonna change. I am keenly aware that things are going to change, drastically. Every single moment of every day I am reminded of that, but it's not something I want to hypothesize about and discuss with everyone. 
    @vflux33 - SO MUCH THIS!!!
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