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Does your body eventually adapt to the PIO?

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First time I've made it to the trigger/transfer stage.  The first few days of PIO were fine, thanks to my heating pad.  I used it to heat up my bum before the shot too, which I think helped a lot.  But I had my FET yesterday, so no more heating pad for me, and last night and today have been excruciating.  Will my body eventually adapt?  I am pessimistic, since I've actually been on it for 5 days now, and apparently, once you take away the heat, my body still hates it.  Any hope down the road?  I could barely sleep last night, even with Tylenol, which I can't imagine is good for the embryo and our chances of a good implantation.

Re: Does your body eventually adapt to the PIO?

  • Unfortunately not. My RE prescribed these lidocaine patches and they help tremendously for me. I put one on about 30 min before the shot and I barely feel anything. The one time I forgot them my hip was very uncomfortable for a day or two
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  • Is it just painful as in sore? Or are you breaking out in a rash? If it's just soreness, I eventually got used to it and as I got better at doing the injections it seemed to help.

  • Soreness. It feels like there is a ball in my glute; it hurts there but also along my leg when I try to walk. 
  • @AggieCouple some days PIO is worse than others. Are you deep massaging for a full two minutes? I'll massage if I feel knots during the day and they go away. Also, i still put a heating pad on after for about 5 minutes. 
    The best advice I got was to slightly warm up the PIO once you draw it. I place it on a warmed towel or heat pad for about 2-3 minutes, change out the needle, then inject. Hope that helps! 
  • I do the same as @coco305. Heat up the PIO a bit, massage directly after, heating pad after that. I find that I’m more sore if I don’t move a lot, like if I’m sitting for a lot of the day, so I try to go for long walks/do yoga etc on the day of the PIO. 
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  • A foam roller helped me in addition to heating the medicine in a warm rag before drawing it into the needle.  I would roll on that hip for a couple of minutes after the injection.  Also, alternating hips helped.  You might research about where to give the injection. Placement made it better also.  
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