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Middle Name Suggestions for a BOY named Avery?

We are naming our 3rd son Avery but we're not sure on a middle name. Any suggestions or ideas are welcomed and appreciated. Our last name rhymes with Nix. TIA!
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Re: Middle Name Suggestions for a BOY named Avery?

  • Our friends just used Avery Edward and I really liked that so

    Avery Edward
    Avery Thomas
    Avery Matthew
    Avery Christopher 
    Avery Lawrence
    Avery Benjamin

  • Seconding Avery Thomas and Avery Edward

    Avery Jonas
    Avery Paul
    Avery Nolan
    Avery Francis
    Avery Connor
    Avery Miles
  • Avery Thomas
    Avery Graham
    Avery Patrick
    Avery Alexander
    Avery William 
    Avery Michael
    Avery Samuel
    Avery Theodore

    Many combos work great.  I would avoid Avery James just because Avery is trending for girls and James is trending as a girl middle name (too bad because Avery James would have been a great boy name) 
  • Avery Dean
    Avery Logan
    Avery Samuel
    Avery Marcus 
    Avery William
    Avery Jameson
    Avery Devin
    Avery Robert 

    I also agree with Thomas, Miles and James. 
  • Avery James
    Avery Finn

  • Avery Paul
  • Avery Abraham 
    Avery Anderson 
    Avery Arthur 
    Avery Benjamin
    Avery Cole
    Avery Coleman 
    Avery Garfield 
    Avery Hollis 
    Avery Jackson 
    Avery Joel
    Avery Liam 
    Avery Maxwell 
    Avery Mitchell 
    Avery Sean
    Avery Shea
    Avery Thomas
    Avery Tristan 
    Avery Tyson
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