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Hello everyone,
I am writing here because I am sort of feeling down in the dumps today, for the first trimester I was extremely sick, extreme morning sickness lasting all day, was hospitalized. But, while I was sick, it was a constant reminder that I was still pregnant. Now that the morning sickness has faded and im into the second trimester, I am not showing at all whatsoever. Atleast that's what everyone tells me. And I know this sounds insane, but I am getting worried about when I will show etc. The feeling of being pregnant just isn't there anymore, I'm anxiously waiting to wake up and have a little baby bump. My lower abdomen does feel full? I'm 14 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. Very excited, just waiting for the days of baby bumps and kicks...

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  • That’s really normal. A lot of women don’t show much until the halfway point. Try to enjoy it before you’re uncomfortable!
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  • Don't worry totally normal! You will get there but yes it can be hard and unnervinng when you dont feel symptoms and dont feel like you see progress 
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  • As the others said, it's definitely normal to not show at this point. When I had my AS with my first at 20 weeks, I barely had a bump. Anyone who didn't know me would think I was just chubby. 
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  • Thanks everyone, I know that it takes some time and everyone's body is different. But it's really the overall feeling, I am incredibly grateful that my morning sickness has passed and I feel 100% better. Just I don't feel pregnant anymore, it's causing more anxiety and fear like something is wrong. I really don't like this in between of the morning sickness fading and waiting to get a bump and feel baby kick. I think I may call my doctor just to get some reassurance, I think it would put my mind at ease, getting another ultrasound or hearing the babies heart rate. I feel like I'm going crazy??? Has anyone else felt this way? 
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