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Family getting pushy with gender - Help!

My future sister-in-law is REALLY excited about my pregnancy because her son was the first grandchild and he will now have a cousin to play with! She is really sweet, and has been checking in with me every day, sending me photos of shower ideas and different things. Here's the thing - she is being REALLY PUSHY about wanting me to have a girl. She keeps referring to my child as a girl, talking about it incessantly.

I do appreciate her excitement, but it is starting to make me a little angry. I'm not sure why I feel anger above another emotion, but maybe its my first sign of maternal instinct. I'm really starting to get bothered by this - should I say something, or have my husband gently give her a hint?!

Re: Family getting pushy with gender - Help!

  • I find it strange when anyone is too excited or too interested in someone else's baby. Admittedly I don't have a lot of family and I've been friends with a lot of people who didnt want kids so that's given me a skewed perspective.  

    Her interest is sweet but overbearing imo. Maybe she has baby fever or something.  
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