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Hey guys!!  So a question I just got my AMH results back and it’s this good or bad?? My provider uploaded the result into my online portal and didn’t give me any additional information, so I don’t know what is low or high???

Any help would be appreciated.

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    I’m I guess I’m in the normal range 
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    That’s annoying that they posted the number without counseling you on it and without any way to interpret it.  My AMH was 1.42 last year when I was 39 - so normal for my age.  BUT you likely have better egg quality on your side because of your age.  Like JamieH2000 and tosh24 said, it’s just one number that should be evaluated alongside the others.


  • I met with my RE today she said that the 1.39 it totally normal for my many mixed opinions about it...I know it can be super high if you have PCOS....I am transferring to another RE in December to start IVF treatment so we’ll revisit in again then I guess thanks for you help guys
  • Yeah it’s really annoying....I had to wait until I saw hem today for them to explain that it’s peefectly normal for my age 
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