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Milestone Monday 11-13

My LO recognizes my boob  :D He definitely knew before when I was about to feed him but now when I whip out my boob, he smiles and opens wide. He turned 3 months yesterday and it looks like he's trying to roll over (from back to front, is already doing front to back). I hope he holds off, I'm not ready to give up swaddling, especially since he's been sleeping through the night. 
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Re: Milestone Monday 11-13

  • LO has definitely mastered the back to front rollover.  He pretty much does it anytime we put him down and as soon as you roll him back he just rolls over again and gets mad that he can't roll back himself!  I've been trying to help him learn how but right now he just gets mad, hope he learns the front to back part soon!  

    @jkbrownstein are you still swadding arms in?  I think you can still swaddle arms out, that's what we do.  Although he hasn't rolled over at night yet, I don't think he has as much room in the pack n play.  
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  • I figured I would start transitioning him away from the swaddle when he hit 4 months but I started swaddling one arm out because he was trying to roll over the other day. 
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  • Non stop babbling! Oh...and he finally got onto the chart for weight...I think that is a milestone. 12 lbs 7 ounces 3%!
  • @Cynth0104 That's definitely a milestone, congratulations! Mine babbles and hums all the time. He seems to want to talk so badly, I'm definitely going to teach him baby sign once he has more intentional movement with his hands/arms
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