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The Almighty First Tri ULTRASOUND THREAD!!!


Re: The Almighty First Tri ULTRASOUND THREAD!!!

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  • I'm a little over 10 weeks!!!
  • wildtot said:

    Measuring 9+3 right on target from last scan. Got official EDD for 7/13. Super relieved!! Going in for blood work next Monday and find out sex two weeks later! In time for Chiristmas! 

    edit twice because my fat finger clicked post and excited i can’t spell 
    Yay!! So glad for a great u/s @wildtot! Baby looks fantastic!!
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  • @kissableviv how exciting!!! 
    <3 Married 6.12.10 <3
    DS 11.8.12
     Baby GIRL! due 7.4.18
  • @wildtot ahhhh congrats!  



  • How are some of you guys getting gender tests so soon!? My doc said I'd have to wait until week 20
  • I’m doing the genetic testing between 11-13 weeks. It’s optional, so you can ask your doctor!
  • After two miscarriages we were ecstatic to see a heartbeat at 8 weeks 3 days!!! We are 9 weeks 1 days now. Due 07-15-18!
    How wonderful! Congrats!! ❤️



  • @natalieflahie wow such an early hb! Just a heads up your whole name and dob is visible in the pic, you might want to crop it  :) 
  • Norway23Norway23
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    So for my first baby two years ago I got both an 8 week and 12 week ultrasound... this time they are just giving me one in week 13?! Is this weird or totally normal?
  • @Norway23 normal! u/s before 11-14 weeks are usually dating scans (unless there's an issue). Many doctors don't even do dating scans, especially if you have a normal cycle pre-pregnancy. 
  • Wow @4deep that's crazy! Were you hoping for one or the other? You should start a reveal thread, I think a few of us are potentially finding out in the next two weeks. 

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  • @4deep I had no idea you could tell that early! I thought the baby's sex organs were the same size for awhile so it could be a penis or a clitoris until a certain time period!
  • @christycalifornia, no we didn’t have a preference. It’s pretty cool to add to our crew of boys. We definitely know what we’re doing in that arena. LOL. 
  • Second look at the little one - this time at 11 weeks for the NT scan. 51 mm. Baby was doing crunches, making it hard for the technician to get the measurements. So amazing to see. 
    Congratulations! So excited that I get more pictures at the NT scan lol. Less than 2 weeks to go.
  • @sarafuss very glad everything went great today!! :) Love hearing and seeing about all the progress the little ones are making.
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