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Infertility and proposed tax reform

Hi everyone,

I want to encourage you to call your senators and congressional representatives about the proposed new tax plan. It proposes eliminating tax deductions for medical expenses that exceed 10% of your annual income (read: infertility treatments not covered by insurance), AND to eliminate the adoption tax credit. Please help women going through infertility be able to afford to grow their families.


Re: Infertility and proposed tax reform

  • @beanship Horrible!!! As if its not hard enough already! Thank you... will make time to call soon!

  • @beanship That was my first thought this morning when I heard that on the news! I hope they revise and keep medical deductions! I am so glad we decided to push through for this year just in case that bs passes!

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    Oh no!! I hope they keep the deductions specially for ppl like us who have no insurance coverage for fertility treatments.
  • Are you kidding?! This is ridiculous. It’s hard enough paying for this out of pocket, now they want to take away the little that we can get back. I will call on Monday. Thanks for the info.
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  • It made a huge difference for me to be able to claim medical deductions the last two years, for what I've spent out of pocket on IUIs and IVF.

    The medical deduction is popular across the board, with both Democrats and Republicans. I think politicians will pay attention to these phone calls.
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