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HDBD- Wednesday 11/1

Post those tiny bumps here!

Re: HDBD- Wednesday 11/1

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  • Don't usually post, but why so rude? What's the point?
  • Katm89Katm89 member
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    I'm not misinformed. This is my second child. I know this, but I record weekly photos, so I figured I would start. Sue me.
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    @afoul Literally untrue. You literally don't know the meaning of 'literally'. What you're employing is misplaced and unhelpful hyperbole. 

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    @christycalifornia That is literally Tim Curry

    Did I do it right
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    @afoul much better. 

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    Apparently I like villainous clowns today.

  • Can someone please explain what the TOU violation is? I even looked it up under the abbreviations BEFORE asking and it's not there. I want to make sure I don't do anything to get into trouble.
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    @TeaLovingMommy it’s a violation of The Bump’s Terms of Use. I haven’t read them yet and I understand they’re way more strict than when I was here before, so I prob should. Not because I intend on starting a ruckus, but to weed out the intentionally drama-inducing. ;)

  • mamabird18mamabird18 member
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    *Removed for TOU Violation*
  • @knottie24ba80ec50491dcc you should change your screen name haha it’s so long 
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • Oh my god! I take back everything I said, guys. Forgive me. I didn’t know @princesslockness is a SCIENCE TEACHER. We are all peasants.
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