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Finley Boy or Girl

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Hi! Ok so of course in my name search I find the name Finley and my DH loves it. Then I search more and find in the US its more popular for girls but overseas its strictly for boys. Thoughts? I'm getting frustrated seems like all the boy names we are finding we like are becoming more popular for girls aka Riley, Avery, Rory. I am a fan of Finnian or possibly Finnegan but DH isn't.....thanks everyone 

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Re: Finley Boy or Girl

  • I would always assume boy

  • I voted girl. Maybe it’s because of the “Lee” sound at the end that makes me think girl, but I think all forms of “Finn” names are unisex to be honest. I know a Finnegan girl and a Finn to me they really go either way. 
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  • So many -ley names make it sound girly but still I lean towards boy on this one.  Finn nickname definitely sounds boy to me

    of the other names you mentioned I love Rory and think it is still masculine 
  • I think it works for both. I like it a lot, and would use it if it works for both of you!
  • Boy, love the nn Finn
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  • Neither -- seems like a last name to me.  I would not use it.
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  • I have only met girls IRL. I just don't like it... just Finn?
  • I know a boy Finley but I think it could go either way. I have a Finnegan nn Finn. I always think of Finn as a boys name. 
  • To me, it's all boy and I would assume boy if I heard it.

    (Full disclosure: my female dog is named Finley because DH named her after a one of his favorite football players and I didn't think it was too common of a human name to use on a dog...whoops.)
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