1st Trimester

Two sacs 1 heartbeat confirmed

Dr. saw two sacs at 6 weeks but could only confirm one heartbeat. Has this happened to anyone? Did you find out there were two heartbeats later  or vanishing twin?

Re: Two sacs 1 heartbeat confirmed

  • Omg this is what I’m terrified of! Usually vanishing twin happens prior to 6 weeks and is uncommon after there is a heartbeat detected. But there have been cases where they missed the other baby this early on. Vanishing twin is just when you miscarry one twin usually due to improper implantation or chromosome defect early in development. But due to there being a viable embryo you body won’t pass the miscarryd twin and will reobsorb it. You’ll know for sure at around 8 weeks if they do another to see the heartbeats
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