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Weekly Randoms 10/30

Hope it’s ok I got this started!

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  • There was a scorpion in my house yesterday. Y’all. I’m from the east coast. This freaks me the f out. This is our third year in the desert and my first scorpion sighting. I’m pretty sure I got stung by one this time last year, but we never found it—it was at night in the hallway and the lights were off. By the time I made it to the light switch and yelled for MH we never found anything. But the most excruciating pain. And I’m terrified that DS is going to get stung. Apparently it’s a warmer fall this year so it’s the year of scorpions. :unamused: :confounded:
  • @mdfarmchick I would be packed and moved. When I read things like this, I am so thankful I live in Ontario lol. 

    Two randoms, I haven't drove our new minivan much, and today while grocery shopping I looked for a good 5 minutes for my SUV, to realize I'm standing BESIDE my van. And also while grocery shopping, I found my favourite flavour of Mr. Noodle (hot and sour).
  • I just found out via Facebook that my niece was baptized yesterday. I asked my husband if he knew she was being baptized (it's his brother's daughter), and he didn't know either. I only have sisters, and I know brother relationships are different, but I feel like this is something he should've told us... am I being overly emotional to be hurt/offended by this? We wouldn't have been able to attend because we live in a different state, but it would've been nice to know and we would've at least sent a card.
  • DH just told me he's shaving his beard tomorrow. So that he can do Movember. Gag. I love his beard. But the idea of JUST a moustache makes me want to puke. 
  • @justkeeptrying just say no to moustaches. 
  • @mdfarmchick omg no. That would freak me out so bad.

    @justkeeptrying yeah I’m not a fan of the stache either. At least it’s just a month?
  • @justkeeptrying I hate when my husband shaves his beard! He has such a baby face and looks likes a completely different person. And definitely no to just mustaches.
  • @JamieK1882  They are so cute!!!!   <3

    @mdfarmchick  I hate all the crawlies around here! I'm in central Texas and we get a lot of the the brown scorpions, do you all have the black ones?  :#  (Gives me the willies just thinking about it!) I've been stung so many times now, I've developed an allergic reaction to the venom.  :(
    We get black widows and such as well, but I haven't seen too many brown recluses around.  
  • @pregobeth it was a tan bark scorpion. According to MH’s Google abilities they hurt the worst. Yay. I didn’t even realize they came in this color? I have only ever seen them in movies and I feel like they were all black or dark red. We have had black widows this year too for the first time. I made him spray like crazy for those last month and now I’m like “you need to spray every week dude.” Great. You can be allergic to the venom? :confounded:

    And @kalawa trust me, if I could move, I would. I am so not a desert girl.
  • @muggle621 I just saw that on twitter!  So excited. I also got tickets to the cursed child in June (AW but I’m so excited) I’m really hopeful that this little guy cooperates so I’ll be able to leave him over night to go...but for now I need to pick some prints for his nursery. 
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  • @Mass-girl-at-heart ; OMG I am so jealous!!! I hope he cooperates too, it will be so awesome to see! 
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  • @stlbuckeye132 That's super weird. I'm a FTM and don't have a lot of friends and family with babies just yet, but I'd be super shocked if I heard a baptism was done without immediate family. I wouldn't take it personally though! Maybe they just did it to check off a box for her parents and didn't want to bother anyone. Maybe the invitation literally got lost in the mail? Just get them a gift and tell them that you didn't know about it. Sounds like a misunderstanding now that I think about it. 

  • @sarabeth5678 I hope you're right, but I sort of doubt it. His brother has always been really aloof towards us. When she was born, he sent a text to both of us that literally said, "Baby was born this morning. She's doing well." (It had her name instead of "baby" but you get the idea.) I told my husband he better sound more excited than that when he tells people our baby is born!
  • @stlbuckeye132 I agree with you that it is totally weird and rude (and somewhat hurtful) behavior on your brother in law's part... ESPECIALLY so if your extended family is religious and would have wanted to offer prayers, if nothing else, on baptism day.

    I don't like making a big deal out of things, and now that baptisms are often during normal weekly mass with several babies done at the same time (at least at the Catholic churches in my area), I could see not telling people and not having a celebration afterwards... but I'd DEFINITELY tell and invite all family!
  • Had our anatomy scan today. Stayed team green. All looked good with baby, but was told I have a low lying placenta. Have to go back at beginning of third tri for another u/s to see if it has moved. The term placenta previa was thrown out, and I’ve been googling and am terrified.

    Any experiences or words of encouragement?

  • @JamieK1882 One of my closest friends had previa and hers resolved at the beginning of her third trimester. While she had a tough labor it was completely unrelated to placenta previa and she did not have to have a C-section. 
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  • @JamieK1882 all my low lying placenta resolve by the third trimester.  I hope yours does too.

    @HappyMonkey817 I hope all is ok.  I am sure it is.  Thinking of you.
  • @JamieK1882 I had a low lying placenta and it resolved on its own. Sending good vibes! 
  • @JamieK1882, this happened to me twice and resolved twice.  FX it does for you too!  It's very common!

    @HappyMonkey817, I'm glad your US isn't too-too far out.  I'll be thinking of you!
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  • @HappyMonkey817 I took Zoloft this pregnancy until I had to go off of it to be able to take something for getting sick 3-4 times a day. My doctor prescribed it for me knowing we were trying to get pregnant and she said it’s one of the safest ones to use in pregnancy. I never took more than 25 mg because that made all the difference for me. I also have two friends who were on Zoloft for their whole pregnancies for two kids and their kids are all normal and 2-8 years old. Hugs. Healthy mommy = healthy babies and kids
  • @mdfarmchick I shriek, take my son in the car and we leave until someone comes and removes a lizard from our house. A lizard. 

    @stlbuckeye132 My husband and his cousin grew up as brothers. We live 5 hours away. His sisters invite us to everything. His cousin never invited us to anything before his girlfriend introduced the idea. Many other women before her suggested inviting us but he always viewed it as a utility thing. 

    @HappyMonkey817 Ive been thinking about you a lot, even before this post! The stress, anxiety and wait is no awful. Thinking of you!
  • @HappyMonkey817 I'd been missing you. Here's to doing what's best for you and ultimately the LO  <3
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  • Did anyone else watch Stranger Things 2?? And did they spend the last ~15 minutes just yelling "OMG you're so cuuuuute!!!!" to their TV?
  • @crossfitbabybump, great. Now I want a donut...mmmmmm
  • @HappyMonkey817 Glad you're doing what's best for you and your family. Sending good vibes your way. <3 
  • @stlbuckeye132 I also find that super weird. I'd be a little hurt as well for not being included. I guess some people don't find it to be all that big of a deal so maybe they didn't invite anyone? 
    @crossfitbabybump yumm!!!
    I took DS1 out for a little Halloween breakfast this morning... I got him a pumpkin muffin and he loved it! Hes only 1 so he doesn't get stuff like that too often. And of course I got a PSL and the best ever egg sandwich with homemade zesty sauce. It's my favorite! I realized as we were sitting there it will most likely be our last holiday just the two of us! Of course Thanksgiving/Christmas/NYE are special being spent with family but I love these little holidays with just us two! Baby 2 will most likely be here by Valentines day. So bittersweet!! 
  • Thanks everyone! It’s so reassuring to hear positive experiences!

    @HappyMonkey817 I am taking sertraline currently and I’m a pharmacist. I didn’t want to but was completely miserable off it. I’m on a low dose and feel comfortable with it.
  • I love love love Halloween, but I’m having a terrible day. I dressed up like a bear with my DD, but several of my neighbors asked my why I wasn’t wearing one of those ‘pregnant skeleton’ shirts instead... I know they mean well, but I can’t help thinking about the dead baby I’m actually carrying. I’m grateful my healthy twin was kicking away to remind me of the life I have inside me, but I’ve been weepy all day.
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