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Monday Ticker Change

1. How many weeks along are you? How big is baby? 

2. How are you feeling? 

3. Any appointments coming up? 

4. Rants, raves, celebrations, questions? 

5. Black Friday Shopping: "I live for it!!" or "hell no those people are cray." For our resident Canadians: how did you spend your Thanksgiving? 

Re: Monday Ticker Change

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  • @JJMNO1616 good call on the laptop deals!!  We've been narrowing down our top choice for a new family laptop for weeks now, and we're just about ready to pull the trigger. I never even thought about Black Friday deals. Will definitely wait for that! ...although I'm still not leaving my house for it. Cyber Monday it is! 
  • kmalls said:
    @JJMNO1616 good call on the laptop deals!!  We've been narrowing down our top choice for a new family laptop for weeks now, and we're just about ready to pull the trigger. I never even thought about Black Friday deals. Will definitely wait for that! ...although I'm still not leaving my house for it. Cyber Monday it is! 
    I have had my eye on a Microsoft Surface for years now but the price has deterred me. However, our technology in the house is on the struggle bus so we need to make some upgrades. I was previously using a Dell laptop that I bought the day I graduated from undergrad in 2009 because the laptop I had before that blew up on me that same day :D this newest Dell won't connect to the internet anymore though (I guess 8 years was a good run). My husband also has a Macbook Air that is so old the internet browsers can't even be updated anymore. So I'm unable to access a lot of websites on it because they aren't compatible with the browser we have! My H still thinks $1000 for a laptop/tablet is too much but I mean... people are paying that much for an Iphone that they probably won't use nearly as long as an actual laptop/computer.   
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    @JJMNO1616 we're in a similar situation. I have a desktop that finally kicked the bucket after almost 10 years, but we've been spoiled with a GREAT laptop that my husband's work provides. Unfortunately they recently made everyone sign a waver stating their laptops were to be used for work-related purposes only, so now we need to buy something good for our own personal use. Womp womp. Fortunately DH doesn't mind dropping a (relative) bunch on this as we've gotten away with free technology for so long, but bargain shopping is in my blood, so I'm rabidly stalking sales. 
  • priestess619 - yay! finally seeing a shaped belly, I am excited about that also. Are you doing an elective sex scan or your anatomy scan early?
    Dumbgurl04  aww yes!  I bet your daughter looked adorable, Halloween is much more fun this year with an over 2 year old.
    irenejean my daughter is going to be a cow too!! I got a hand me down costume from my coworker that is also homemade :) her kids wore it, and they are my age, so I thought that was pretty sweet. 

  • @scuba_chic I was feeling a lot of weird things yesterday but I have no idea if it was the baby or just gas lol I have heard that the baby does feel like gas in the beginning but idk.. I'm not convinced that's what was happening. 

  • @Kaessi I feel like having an October baby last year was SUPER helpful in getting Christmas shopping done early! All those all-nighters allowed me to be finished by Thanksgiving. Amazon Priming with a reflux-y newborn all night er'ry night :D
  • @itsrandiyo we have an elective tomorrow! I'd been feeling pretty disconnected since I found out late so we just wanted to see the little one again . The Doppler has helped !

    @scuba_chic thanks ! Trying to get through applications currently and it's such a pain ! I'm in the same boat about whether or not I'm feeling the baby. I feel "movement" but not sure if it's baby. My boyfriend and I are trying to distinguish 

  • priestess619  So jealous! Good luck :)

  • @kmalls Girl yes!!! So many packages would arrive at my door that I didn't even remember ordering - oops. But I got great deals! Haha

  • @Puddlewonderful Thank goodness you were able to get that parking pass!!!! Am I the only one shocked that expectant mother parking spaces really aren’t a thing? 
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  • @g_amoss How are your chickens doing? I would love to hear how you "winterize" their coop. We put some plastic around the coop since we had some snow last week, but we are planning to elevate the coop, usually we just move the coop around our yard every few days for fresh grass, and add hay. Getting hay is one of my chores for the day. The girls don't seem to mind the cold weather though so that was a relief!
    @danniluv So exciting about your anatomy scan coming up soon! Hope it goes well!
    @Puddlewonderful That's great about your medical parking pass. What a relief that'll be. :)

    1. How many weeks along are you? How big is baby? 
    Sorry I'm a day late. :) 15 weeks. The size of a navel orange.

    2. How are you feeling? 
    I'm feeling pretty good! I'm getting more energy as the weeks go on and the nausea has been quite minimal. I can finally eat vegetables again, and I am so proud of myself whenever I do. :p RLP is quite apparent some days. 

    3. Any appointments coming up? 
    We just had an appointment last week, which went very well. I need to schedule the anatomy scan but it's been rough coordinating with my husband's schedule. That's one of my goals for the day!

    4. Rants, raves, celebrations, questions? 
    Yesterday, my belly noticeably "popped". I heard it from a few others so it was fun to have it confirmed. 

    5. Black Friday Shopping: "I live for it!!" or "hell no those people are cray." For our resident Canadians: how did you spend your Thanksgiving?
    I do not like shopping so I avoid Black Friday at all costs. I think I'd do it if there was something in particular I really wanted but honestly, I'd likely just pay a bit more to avoid the craziness! 
  • @dan0081 - this is our first winter with chickens. Their coop is still outside. Plan is to move it into the barn, but DH doesn’t want to do that until after Thanksgiving (we’re hosting) so family won’t be walking through chicken poo lol! I need to close off the vents right by their roost, but leaving others open. If there is a building you can tuck your coop behind I think that would be good. Maybe put up some hay bales to block the wind also. I have seen (if you have exposed studs inside) people tack up cardboard and tuck hay between cardboard and the outside boards. We’re in northern Iowa - you’re in MN, correct?
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  • @dan0081 @g_amoss we have chickens, too! This is also our first winter with them. Our coop is already elevated about 3 feet off the ground and it's hard wired for electricity, so we can screw in a heat bulb when the weather gets really cold (we're in MA). Other than that, I guess we'll just hope they adjust to the weather. We had a crazy storm the last two days with tons and tons of rain, and the coop held up great. Hopefully the snow this winter won't be a problem. 
  • @g_amoss Yes, I'm in Minnesota. That sounds like a great plan to move the coop into the barn. It's great you can remove them from the elements and keep them a bit warmer, too. We are putting the coop close to the house in hopefully block some of the wind and snow. That's a good idea about the hay. I'm praying they do much better than our little one last year. I think I mentioned this, but she had Marek's disease so she didn't last too long once the cold months hit. I worry so much about these chickens.. I have no idea what I'll be like with a child. :D

    @kmalls That's great you have electricity already wired up! I have read on multiple websites that chickens can adapt to many types of conditions. I'm hoping your chickens do well this first winter and like you said, hopefully the snow won't be a problem for them! I've been giving the chickens warm oatmeal mixed with their food, and they really like that. I'm hoping it warms them up, too!
  • @dan0081 & @kmalls - FX they all make it through! I have also read to make sure they have food at night so their metabolism is helping them stay warm, and to make sue the roosting bars are big enough that their feet fit on top so they can lay on feet to prevent frostbite. I would love pix of your coops - feel free to send PM anytime!
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  • @g_amoss ah! I've heard the exact opposite about food. The guys at my local feed store said absolutely no food in the coop as it encourages bugs and rodents to move in. Same thing with water, because it'll create moisture in the winter and cause frostbite. It's so hard to know who to trust though, I've found a million different opinions on everything when researching online. 

    @dan0081 that's a good idea about warm oatmeal with their food, I'll give it a try one day! 

    I'll send pics of my coop once I'm home. We're leaving baby story time at the library right now  :D
  • @g_amoss @kmalls I'd love to see coop pictures! I can send ours once we get it elevated and filled with hay.

    I have also heard mixed reviews about food and water in the coop. Last winter, we left everything in the coop as it was more conveninent and I wanted them to have access if they woke before us. I could certainly see the potential drawbacks of leaving it in the coop though!
  • Everybody talking about snow and farms. I'd love for us to have an actual winter down here in S. Texas for once.  We've had a few "cold" days, but its back up to the 80's.  And as far as farms, I've always loved the idea of having a larger property with some farm animals, but now that our first child is on the way, for whatever reason, I have this intense desire to have her/them grow up in that type of environment as opposed to your typical suburban neighborhood. We live close enough to ranches and farms, I'm really thinking of getting to know a few of those neighbors and planning to spend a few days a week visiting and helping those neighbors with DD in tow when she's old enough. 
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    @scuba_chic its so funny how having kids changes our thoughts on these subjects. I grew up living on acreage far away from 'civilization.' Our nearest town was super tiny and essentially had a church, school, and gas station. The town I went to HS in was a little bigger and had the nearest grocery store. I grew up wishing I lived closer to my friends and finding it annoying we lived in the middle of nowhere. DH had a similar childhood except he lived in a town that was the size of the town my HS was in, bigger, with subdivision, but still small enough his childhood was full of riding his bike to his friends' houses.

    When we bought our current family home, we were looking for a nice small neighborhood, good school district, and convenient commute distance for the two of us. These needs landed us in a small subdivision, in the city limits of a major metropolitan city. With #3 on the way and #1 starting kindergarten in 2020 I've been suddenly struck with the NEED to move to a smaller town, not just a small subdivision, and give our kids a mix of the childhood DH and I grew up with. We've only been in our house for two years, but we're seriously looking at moving two years from now before DS starts kindergarten so we can get the small town feel!

    [This is been on my mind non-stop for several weeks. We've even driven around towns/neighborhoods and casually perused home sales.]

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