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A thread for @beary67 and her beautiful twins!

Any updates from @beary67 from a few days ago? MOMs? 

Sending all my love, hugs, and keep-cooking vibes! Please leave your well-wishes below! 
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Re: A thread for @beary67 and her beautiful twins!

  • @beary67 hope all is well and you're finding ways to pass the time in the hospital! Tell those babies we are all excited to meet them but not yet! 
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  • Let's hope closer to 4 weeks so those babies can grow (though that is a LONG time to be in the hospital)! Thinking lots of good thoughts and hope we don't see a birth announcement for weeks to come!

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  • Thinking of you and your twinnies, @beary67! I hope they stay put for their own good, and that you find ways to pass your time in hospital. Love to your family! <3 
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  • Thinking of you and hope those babies stay in there as long as possible! <3
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  • Thinking of you and the twins, @beary67!! <3 Hope those twins stay in and keep baking as long as possible!
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  • Ditto what everyone already said!

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  • Thinking of you, @beary67! Stay cooking a little longer, twinnies!

  • @beary67 Thinking of you and those babes! Sending creepy internet hugs your way!

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  • Thinking of you @beary67
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  • @beary67 i'm so glad to hear your update!! you have all my sympathy, i was stuck in the hospital for nearly a full month at the end of my last pregnancy due to a DVT, and i couldn't get out of bed, see the sun, or do anything at all really. i'm not sure i knew you were on lovenox (i am as well). have they discussed possibly changing you to a heparin drip since you only need to be off of that for 6 hours in order to have a c-section vs. 24 hours for the lovenox? are you on twice-daily lovenox dosage or just one larger syringe per day? lovenox is the preferred medication when they are confident that delivery is not imminent but i'm wondering if you guys should discuss it in case things start going south and that way you're aware of what's going on and what the options are. perhaps that is their plan anyway, since you aren't getting the new lovenox dose until you have some sort of monitoring confirmation each day that things seem to be ok. 

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  • @beary67 I'm so glad to hear you are okay and the twins are holding on a little longer! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get your lovenox each day until they're ready!  We'll definitely be thinking about you and your family. <3 
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  • @beary67 so glad to hear you and babies are still doing well. Fingers are crossed that they are able to stay put for a while. 
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  • Oh gosh!! I had no idea what was going on! So glad things are looking ok for right now!! Fingers crossed they stay out for another couple weeks!

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  • @beary67 I'm so glad they're giving your boys a shot at coming to full term or just about (for twins)! I'm sorry you're stuck in a hospital bed that whole time, but your positive outlook is inspiring. Not sure if you have a laptop, but if you do, here's a fun game to pass the time (if you like traveling/geography):
  • @beary67 Thanks for the update! Will be thinking of you and fx for babies to stay put as long as possible! 

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  • @beary67 Thinking of you and those precious twins! Sounds like you're getting excellent monitoring and care. Hang in there beautiful! Lots of people are praying for you!

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  • BigBadWolf12BigBadWolf12 member
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    @beary67 thanks for the summary and update!  I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and stalking this thread in the coming weeks. I hope things continue to be boring and those twins stay cooking for a bit longer. Glad you're having some company :)

    P.s. I blew a ton of time on in uni... not sure if that's up your alley or not. 

    Eta this is buthayna. Can't remember if I switched screen names before or after we stopped being on the same board together. 

    edit again for a typo

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  • Thanks for the update @beary67.  Hang in there girl - you’re doing great. Im sorry you’re stuck in the hospital for so long, but you know it’s for a good reason, so just try to get rest and watch some shitty Netflix shows. Mindhunter is a good one that I binge watched last week!
    Ill be sending good thoughts to you and your little family all day everyday!
  • @beary67 Thanks for the update! I've been thinking about you and your babies and I know you all will be just fine. FX you keep providing great updates. 

  • You are doing a great job and it sounds like you have a wonderful team. You've got this!  <3
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  • @beary67 of course I still check in on you!! I am sorry for this scare, but it's so good that it has been caught and your team of drs are keeping a close eye and doing everything they can to protect you and your babies. I'm sure it's boring, but how great that your sweet babes have more time to grow and develop. I truly have been rooting for you and hope despite this current situation that it can go as smoothly as possible for the remainder of your pregnancy. My thoughts, prayers, and well wishes for strong, healthy babies and for you too.  <3 
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  • sarah0985sarah0985 member
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    @beary67 I'm sorry you're in the hospital but I'm glad it sounds like you're well taken care of. You've got a lot of people praying for those boys and you. I'll be stalking here too. Xox

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  • *lurking from Jan*

    It sounds like you've got a great care team! Fx those babies stay put a little longer and stay healthy. Hang in there!!
  • @beary67 So glad for the update and those babies are doing well enough to hang in there longer. Fx for daily levonox injections! I hope today's ultrasound went well. grow baby B grow!  

    @Sugargirl1019 @BigBadWolf12 @sarah0985 hi ladies! its nice to see you lurking here ;)
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  • Thank you for the update! I will be thinking of you and pulling for you! I watch a decent amount of Hulu, netflix, listen to audiobooks, and play apps, so let me know if you want any recommendations (&a examples of what you like). Stay strong! 

  • @beary67 great update! Your dr sounds amazing!
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  • @beary67, continued prayers for you and your little ones. So happy you got to see your pup, they are not only good for mental health, but help with some many physical stressors as well.  Hope you have a quiet and uneventful weekend:) 
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  • Yay, baby B! Hang in there, little guy! 
  • *lurking*

    @beary67 thinking of you and your sweet twins! I hope they continue to do well and keep cozy in there just a bit longer!
  • @beary67I'm glad to hear that baby b is staying the same. Hope that it continues in the future. You are so brave and amazing. Your doctor and hospital sound amazing. I'm glad that you have family close by that are able to support you both as well.
  • @beary67 I am still crossing my fingers for you to keep those babies in there! Your care team does sound amazing, and I am sure you are in great hands! At least when you are bored you have these boards to come to for some form of entertainment! 

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