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  • @justkeeptrying

    I would not be happy either. Lol

    My DH did the opposite....we had Harvey's take out the other night and he knows I love poutine, which I crave (so so so bad for you), so he brings one home...and I'm trying my absolute best to resist. He doesn't know how hard I'm trying not to eat that because I haven't told him. Well sure enough its in my face and I devoured it. Soooo I had to have a conversation on what I'm trying to avoid because I have zero will power.

    Now I hope I didn't just cause myself some future misery per your story!? Yikes!
  • Has anyone ever gotten just ONE car seat but TWO bases for each car? If so, is there a certain way to go about ordering a second one?

    Late to the game, but we bought one infant seat and a he convertible seat. 

    I agree with the person who said the infant seat can be installed safely (and super easily) with a seat belt. 

    We opted for the convertible bc it was cheaper than a base and we were going to use it for longer. 

    However, fast forward to real life: My son is only ever in my car or my parents. If my husband is going somewhere with him, he just uses my car instead. So, maybe I should delete all I wrote...
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  • @justkeeptrying wow. That’s pretty crappy of him. Did he at least feel bad he made you cry? :unamused:
  • @notthefather, right?!?? Ugh!!

    @cford08, no! He's doing fantastic!! He's been working out and dieting/counting calories for about 6 weeks now and he's lost about 15lbs!!! Which I'm super jealous of how easily he's losing it. I'm very proud of him and I've told him this several times!! He's not even overweight. He's just toning and building muscle. He weighs less than me now (excuse me while I go sob).  
  • @justkeeptrying ugggghhhhh I’m so sorry. You are totally allowed/able to have ice cream! (I mean I ate way too many Halloween candies yesterday AND ice cream so you’re doing better than me!) And I feel you on the jealously/frustration about husbands dieting. My husband has basically always weighed the same or slightly less than me (he’s thin) and he can whip himself into shape with a quickness. It’s so annoying. 
  • @chasingroygbiv, LOL! Now don't get me wrong. I only resisted ice cream. That's not to say my diet has been perfect. But I'm trying!!!
  • @justkeeptrying cookies, ice cream, chocolate, you name it, if I’m craving it I have such a difficult time not caving, especially after nothing sounded good for 16 weeks so I basically ate nothing that entire time! I’m trying to be better for weights sake, but if it’s the only thing that sounds appealing.... 
  • @chasingroygbiv, I'm trying really hard second trimester because I know I ate poorly during first. I get terrible MS and carbs and junk food are all I want. So I'm trying to really watch myself now. But I still think the odd ice cream is okay!!! Come on!!
  • @justkeeptrying that's crazy!! I'm sorry he did that. Sometimes husbands just don't get it... I ate an ice cream  sandwich (maybe two lol) everyday the last two month of my first pregnancy. It was all I wanted and I looked forward to that daily. This pregnancy the sweet tooth is unreal!!! 
  • I definitely think that there's nothing wrong with ice cream.  My OB's office is almost right next to a Dairy Queen so last pregnancy I would bring home three blizzards after every appointment, one for me, one for DH, and one for DD.  My DH loved when I had my weekly appointments because that meant that he got weekly blizzards haha.  He was super bummed when I became lactose intolerant because that meant he wouldn't be getting weekly blizzards (he wasn't the only one bummed) but he's now on a diet and works out like crazy and is all about eating protein rich foods so maybe it would have been different.  My long rambling point is that you're allowed to indulge and asking for ice cream is definitely not grounds for a lecture!
  • @justkeeptrying I'm sorry that's shitty. My H did have a conversation with me as well about how I need to be making better dietary choices right now (ie - water vs juice)....and he will call me out on things when I'm just being indulgent but anytime I've had a real craving - he hasn't said a word. 

  • @justkeeptrying nothing like a good mad cleaning. Heck, want to come do my house?? Ps, stick to your guns. He can suck it up and apologize first. Hugs. 
  • leilaquinnleilaquinn
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    @justkeeptrying I don’t really have anything to add other than that sucks, even if he was in a bad mood that is just not ok. I am having a bit of the opposite problem, I have been so ill that if I get excited about anything my husband wants to keep getting it for me, and I had to sincerely ask him to stop bringing home ice cream sandwiches every day. Eating healthy is hard anytime, I feel like as long as healthy things are getting in there too no one should have a thing to say about some ice cream, or a whole lot of ice cream with a a side of French fries.
    eta because of autocorrect 
  • Ughhhhhhh.

    I'm on day one of potty training my 2.5 year old and I've never been more sad that I can't drink.  

    We got him a fun Elmo potty, some big boy undies with his favorite characters, candy for when he uses the potty, some new books to read while he sits there and he just... won't go on the potty. Like, I legit had him sitting there and 30 seconds after he got up, he peed all over the floor. SO FRUSTRATING. 
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  • I feel so terrible!  My husband called and wants to take me to the Bruno Mars concert and I can't possibly muster up the energy to go.  I have to work all weekend and I spent today out and about with the toddlers.  I suggested he take our teenager, but he said that's a concert you take a girl to, lol.  What makes it worse is I recently complained about us not doing anything together and the moment he makes an effort I am just too exhausted.  This isn't going to help my case the next time I complain. 
  • From my hubby... :# my goodness...there goes my donut quota for the month ahaha
  • @nancysimp I just drooled on myself. That looks like heaven!
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  • @cford80 its funny how drool just gathers instantly!! LOL...posted this in the cravings thread seconds after I realized maybe it doesn't belong in randoms...even though this was a random gift. Hahah. Anyhoot, yup it is drool worthy. 
  • @cford08 hahaha sounds like an interesting guy!  :D
  • @DDRRT1982 We just went through the same issue. He wanted to take me to my second Maroon V concert, but I just can’t swing it. Plus I must admit I’m a little on edge since the Vegas concert..  :( Sad to miss it because I LOVE them, but I think I made the right decision. 

  • Congratulations @syssa-o that's such great news!
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  • @ashleyf911 Yes (except NO!) to everything you said!! Our house is just a giant tiled potty. 

    When I put the potty in my son's stream, he pivots so he can pee on the floor, instead. 
  • DS is sick. And I feel horrible for him. But I haven't slept much the past 3 nights in order to help him. And I'm just praying that I don't get sick. Our anatomy scan is on Thursday and I do NOT want to get sick and have to cancel :(
  • I spilled boiling water on my foot while making dinner last night. I ended up having to go to the ER (the plus of all of it was I got to listen to baby on the doppler <3 ) but man.. it really hurts! 
  • @scoogy19, OUCH! Hope it's feeling better! Glad you got an extra little listen to baby's heartbeat!
  • Does anyone have a really good chili recipe?
  • @DDRRT1982 I’m making this today. I’ve never made it so I can’t attest to whether it’s good or not yet! 
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    https://passthesushi.com/slow-cooker-super-easy-big-batch-chili/ this is my go-to chili recipe! It means what it says when it's called "big batch" so I cut the recipe in half for just my husband and I.
    This is my favorite white chicken chili recipe: http://thecookinchicks.com/2014/01/white-chicken-chili-slow-cooker/ which I'm actually eating leftovers of tonight! I always use my slow cooker for chili recipes - my crockpot is my life. 
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