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What is up with the knot?!

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The knot is seriously screwed up!!! For a couple days now, I've been trying to log in and unable to. 

I go to a thread, I click "reply," the log in page comes up, I enter my info and click log in, I'm taken back to the page I was on and it appears exactly the same - no reply box, no button to "love it" a post, etc. 

I've done this several times over the past few days and it's not stopping. I've done it on both mobile and laptop. I know many people have issues with the forums on a regular computer, but I never have on mobile and never to this extent on my laptop. I even created a new account over there and the same thing happened. 

I'm tagging TK people in hopes they see this. Please respond if you can and let me know if you have this issue. 

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Re: What is up with the knot?!

  • Pretty much everyone is having issues on both mobile and desktop with TB/TK apps.
    Admins/programmers know about the issues, and have for quite a few days now, but haven't fixed the issue.

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