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Need help on final decisions for girls name

Khalessi Aleksandria Theodora Landweer 
Nyx Aleksandria Theodora Landweer 

I love powerful names. Please feel free to add other options. I'm at a complete loss at this point 

Re: Need help on final decisions for girls name

  • Not a huge fan of either but I vote Khalessi because Nyx is makeup and Nix is lice treatment so I immediate go to those thoughts vs Goddess

  • Khalessi is a title, moreover a title one has to marry into. There's nothing powerful about that. So I guess of your options, Nyx, even though I'd never associate her with power either.
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  • Neither sound powerful
  • Is Landweer your last name? Or is this one first name and three middle names? 

  • How about just aleksandria Theodora landweer?  Unless you don't have any Russian etcetera heritage in which case Alexandria is perfectly fine too 
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  • Love love love Theodora! It's on our girl list. I also really like Aleksandria. I do not care for Nyx. It sounds made-up and is a popular makeup brand. Khalessi I associate with Game of Thornes and would make me think that the parents were trying too hard to give their child a cool name. 
  • Neither tbh
    I suggest Theodora as the first name. 
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  • Really like Alexandria and Theodora both - unusual but recognizable. Nyx makes me think of the lice treatment (spelling is different but the pronunciation is the same), and the other I think of Game of Thrones. 
  • Neither. Alexandria is nice.

  • Neither. Trying way too hard. Khalessi is solidly Game of Thrones and no one should name their kid after a tv show. Nyx is completely made up. Instead, how about:

    Lux Alexandrine

    Lux is a Spanish name, meaning "Light"
    Alexandrine Tinne was known as the first European woman to attempt a trek across the Sahara. She made her attempt in 1859. Alexandrine was also the first name of the popular Queen Victoria.

    Adira Melisende

    Adira is Hebrew name, meaning "Strong, noble, powerful"

    Melisende is a name that might be hard to spell, but is extremely pretty and harmonious to hear. In the 12th century, this was the name of a queen of Jerusalem. It was also the name of a heroine in a fairy tale. It is said to mean strong in work.

  • They are both bad... and that's a major handle.  Why so many names?
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  • I like Alexandria and Theodora, each with a more simple middle name.  I am not a fan of multiple middles.  

  • I like Alexandria. The two first names are both awful.

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  • Both Khalessi and Nyx are awful.  Khalessi is trendy and a fictional title.  And Nyx is a less known reference that looks made up.  I love Pp suggestions of Alexandria Theodora and Lux Alexandrine.  Other powerful name ideas:

    Athena (Greek goddess of war)
    Joan (of Arc)
    Valerie ("to be strong")
    Victoria ("victor, conqueror")
  • you are trying WAY too hard

  • Nyx is a lice treatment.
    Waiting for #3!

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  • Please don’t name your child either one of those names. 

    I like Alexandria or Theodora 

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    I prefer Theodora as a first name choice. Please don't name your child Khalessi. It's fictional. And Game Of Thrones may be trendy now but it probably won't be forever. To be completely honest (and I'm not trying to be rude) I would've been embarrassed growing up and in school if my name was Khalessi or Nyx. You may like powerful names, but your child isn't going to go by their full name in school. Classmates and teachers will probably only know her first name and last name. Why don't you look up girl's names that mean "powerful?"
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  • Agree that neither name is a good one. And if you're not Russian or of another culture that would spell it that way, use Alexandria. 
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