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Fit Mom Friday w/o 6 October

Hey ladies!

How are you achieving your exercise goals this week?

Any pregnancy safe  workouts plans you love? Hate? Or don't even know where to get started?

Let's chat about it below! 
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Re: Fit Mom Friday w/o 6 October

  • I know there is all sorts of negative info about it but I am doing Crossfit and running. I have been doing Crossfit for the last 4 years so my body is used to it and I will modify and cut way back but I need to stay active.  I run very shorts distances, about 20 min 2-3x a week, and hope to maintain that during most of the pregnancy. 
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  • @feare I know quite a few ladies who continued a fairly hardcore (to me, not them) workout regime when pregnant.  My OB has always said that it is fine to continue to exercise at the level that you were before you got pregnant.  Granted I don’t do much by way of crazy lifting...but I’m sure you know your body and how much you can do.  

    Personally, I am trying to get at least my daily 10K steps in.  I know that’s not much, but I figure at least if I set that as my minimum anything else will be extra.  I was running then got lazy, so hopefully will build back up to that.

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  • @feare & @miz_liz That's fantastic news that you are both trying to keep active!!

    From EVERYTHING I've read over the past few weeks, continuing on a regime that you are already doing (unless told otherwise by your doc) is safe and encouraged.

    I'm trying to figure out what I want to continue doing.  I've been feeling so exhausted and unmotivated.  I like to use the workouts through Darebee and think I'll probably continue doing that.  I'm trying really hard to not gain 50lbs AGAIN. :(  I also am so bad at creating a workout for myself (it has to be something I can do at home with free weights or bodyweights).  So I've been looking at a few of the "pregnancy" workout celebs options.  My DH would KILL me though if I started shelling out $30/mo and up on some of those options.  Ha!  Prior to getting PG this time, I had been doing research for setting up my own weightlifting gym in my new house (which is being built as I type), but that is still months off...however if might line up with the birth.  Fx!!
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  • @Dashaina what about some PG DVD’s? Jillian Michaels has one.  I bought it when I was pregnant but never tried it

  • @Miz_Liz I was thinking something along the lines of videos also. I don't have a DVD player unfortunately or away to get them easily But I could probably find a series on YouTube or downloadable links! Great suggestion. If you happen to see anything you think may be interesting, by all means post it to me here! Hee hee :) 
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  • @Dashaina I love YouTube for workouts!  I have used it to do spin classes at home when I was too lazy to leave the house.

  • I've also been hit hard with the exhaustion bug. I'm trying to just keep moving. Get my steps up as well. Every little thing helps right?
  • DashainaDashaina
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    @Miz_Liz Seriously, me too!! My favourite personality is Jessica Smith, lol. I wish she did a PG series. Hee hee.  Do you have a spinning bike at home?  I did a few spin classes at the Y in Milwaukee after DD2 was born. I can't remember how I felt about it though. hahahahhaha.

    @meagster13 definitely!!  As Dori from Finding Nemo says... "Just keep swimming." :smile:

    On an update, I did half my workout this morning.  But it already feels like it's 90/37 degrees in my house, bleh.  I feel the couch whispering my name....I really need to go dig some dirt for the house foundation though....I really don't want to though.
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  • @Dashaina I do!  I used to be OBSESSED with spin, so I bought a bike. I always tell people that they should try it 3x before giving up because their butt hurts from the seat lol.  The 2nd class is always the worst but then you start to get used to it.

  • @meagster13 I HAVE too? lol... alright. alright, I'm going.... {walking away from the couch whispering sweet nothings to me}
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  • I was starting to get back into running a few months before our BFP. I was slowly working my way through the Couch 2 5k program again. But honestly, I haven’t been getting my butt to the gym much the last 4 isn’t weeks. (**TW - I was obviously not motivated after my CP - End TW**) Plus DS got sick a couple of times and I got sick once and I don’t like dropping him off at the gym kid care when he’s germy. 

    I hope that we can get back into it next week though!! When I am doing my whole routine, I usually run/jog on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And I do yoga on Saturday. Sometimes I will throw in an aqua aerobics class on Friday if I am feeling frisky. Haha 
  • @BurlapandLace hahahhaha "feeling frisky".. I love using that term.  I also avoid places when my kiddos are germy.

    Update... I dug. Now I'm laying on the couch trying to convince myself to get up... Soooo. Hot. 
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