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  • @tiffrox81 - Ugh that friendship sounds like a lot of work and to me that isn't what friendship is about.  SOrry you're dealing with that still :(  Good call on keeping it quiet in the friend circle though- things always (even if not intentionally) seem to have a way of getting around.
  • I know how annoying that can be. We've lost friends over the last year. Sorry I want to spend time with my kid instead of going out drinking. I would just make sure he wouldnt be just guy trash talking. I know the guys in our group do that and some times its offensive but I have to remind myself its just how they Are with each other. I dont want them to make an exception to me. But I dont know. I would be mad either way. Plus if his wife is saying stuff it might be rubbing off on him. I know DH will be annoyed with my friend if I'm annoyed by her. 
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  • @babycakesday I actually did think about that!!! Maybe I was taking his jokes the wrong way because he's married to a woman that annoys the crap out of me. Very well could have been guy crap talking. Partially why I thought I'm just going to close the thread and call it a night, last night. We have a baptism gathering this Saturday that we're all supposed to go to. I can hardly wait! :neutral:
  • I’ve been locked out for so long!!! I’m finally back in. 

    @babycakesday My husband and I eat about 80% paleo and then we cheat on certain days. It’s not that hard at all once you get used to it!! I use the blog ourpaleoleap a lot. They have a whole 30 meal plan and there’s only 2 recipes I didn’t like on there. I guess I don’t like artichokes! But I definitely recommend it! 
  • kburg15kburg15 member
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    Finally back after being locked out/not able to heart or respond for a month! Sounds like everyone’s having trouble with the app. 

    I can definitely relate on the marriage front. We both work full time (I work from home a lot and he’s on second shift) and there are still so many things to argue/bicker about (he thinks I should help more with F when I wfh, I think he should add more variety to F’s meals, etc etc), but I think that everyone has things like this no matter what their situation is. Sometimes it seems like talking about it makes them worse because we just flat out disagree, but empathy has definitely gotten us a long way. Parenting has definitely added a new layer to our relationship and, like anything else new, I think it just takes time to get good at. We’re still working on it :)

    I’ve known a few people with good results from whole 30 and paleo diets. Personally I’ve been doing weight watchers since June and have lost ~35 lbs. I like it that you can have traditionally  “cheat” foods, but you just have to prioritize what you want with how many points you have. I just use the app to track food/points—no groups or anything. 

    Anyone else have kiddos with long-term runny noses? F has had one since early Sept and the ped suspected maybe a sinus infection, so we’re doing antibiotics for the first time. I feel bad I thought it was just normal from daycare or sickness after sickness. He said it could also be allergies, but it was maybe less likely. 

    Sorry for such a long post! Goodness!
  • Ok. I’m having my first big sickness since E was born. I usually get bronchitis every year because of my asthma, but I didn’t last year. Anyways, I am coughing like crazy and I keep peeing my pants!!!!!! Anyone else having any trouble with that? 
  • @shaylalr Oh no! Feel better! 
    Married 6/1/13
    BFP #1 7/2013 MMC 9/17/13
    BFP #2 5/2014 MC 6/15/14
    BFP #3 11/13/14 (Found in ER with ruptured cyst) Diagnosed MC 11/15/14
    BFP #4  4/2015 MC 7/1/15
    BFP #5 10/21/15  EDD 7/3/16 Praying for our rainbow! 
  • @shaylalr I haven't gotten sick like that yet so no advice but feel better soon. 
  • kburg15kburg15 member
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    bad sickness—no
    peeing pants—yes

    Hope you feel better soon!
  • Glad I’m not totally alone,@kburg15! Thanks for the well wishes. :) I’m excited to start running around the house again with E but I just can’t kick the cough. 
  • Feel better soon!  I haven't had bad sickness but I did have a leakage problem during pregnancy and after birth.  I went to physical therapy for it and would recommend it so highly!!!!!!!!!!  I learned so much about how bladder/muscles work.  
  • I haven’t peed myself... yet. But I feel like since I had these guys my bladder is the size of a pea. I wake up at night to pee all the time. 
  • @Shaylalr when I had bronchitis and bronchial malasia really bad last year, I kept piddling every time I coughed. Sure enough my pelvis muscles stretched too much during birth and don’t hold my bladder well anymore. After I stopped coughing (by using an inhaler), it stopped and hadn’t come back. OBGYN suggested physical therapy or possibly surgery. 
  • Aren't keegals supposed to help? Slowly, but at least a little? 
  • I leak every once in awhile with big sneezes or laughing too hard. I've full-on peed myself twice in the last week though, but we're blaming that on the combination of already having had a baby and a little dude sitting on my bladder.
  • @Ldsjm123 Yes, Keegles do help. 
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