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Nicknames for Elliot as a boy name

Love the name Elliot for a boy, and thought of the name Elli (pronounced Ellie) as a nickname. But some family members have a girl named "Ellie" and so that idea is out. Anyone have any other ideas? 

Re: Nicknames for Elliot as a boy name

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    All Elliots that I know only go by Elliot. I like the name on its own (no nickname). There are a million "Ellie" girls out there. I would not use that nickname for him. 
  • I wouldn't really use a nn for Elliot and if I had to maybe Eli? Ellie is literally one in three girls right now

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  • I've heard just "El" ("L"). I think Elliot on its own doesn't really need a NN though. 
  • It doesn't need one, but, 

    el / L

    Come to mind. 
  • I don't think Elliott needs a nickname.  If anything, maybe something with his initials? Like if he had J as a middle or last initial he could be EJ?
  • L

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  • My husband is an elliot and his family and I call him El often. 
  • My nephew is an Elliott, and typically we all use his full name. But as a nn we do use "el" 
  • Typically I hear Eli, pronounced "ee-LYE."
  • Eli ... but none needed 
  • No Ellie! Elliot doesn't lend itself to a derivative nickname.

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