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Pregnant or not?

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So, I'm 9dpo. I actually had my annual appointment and he didn't say anything and they checked my urine for pregnancy& it came back negative. But, I've been cramping on & off and still have a few pregnancy symptoms. BUT, I was always told that if you're far enough to make you have symptoms, then you're far enough to test positive. Is this true? Could I be pregnant and it was just to early to tell? Or is it an actual no? 
I'm not due for my period for another 5 days. Though, it could just be AF cramps. 

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  • Obviously I meant, is there a chance it was too soon for the test to show up positive. Jeez. The first time I post on here in forever and I get rude comments
  • Oh goodness. I got reported. Will I ever survive the internet reports ☹️
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