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Can we get this board moving?

I'm 42 yrs old and expecting baby #4, a surprise for us, I have 3 boys (14, 12, 4).  We are excited but a little afraid because of age.   My little boy would love a baby brother and I of course want my little girl

Re: Can we get this board moving?

  • Congratulations!  I'm 42 as well.  My doctor has been very reassuring.  I'm healthy and everything looks good with LO.  Hopefully your doctor is reassuring.  
  • @olitwinturbosnprincess thank you! Same for you!  I have my first appointment next week in Oct.5th, can't wait! 
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  • Hi Gals ~ I'm 37,  currently 40w3d :) 

    When are you due? Happy everything is going great for you guys thus far!
  • @ailynk  Wow!  Time for your LO to make his/her big debut!  My EDD is 2/15/18.  It's been tough so far.  Lots of nausea.  But starting to turn the corner at 20w6d.
  • Hi ladies! I'm 41 and will be 42 when this little one comes....unless if course they come a bit early lol...EDD is June 11 and my bday is May 30 so I guess we'll wait and see! I have a little boy who was 2 in July. I had a textbook pregnancy with him and delivered at 39. So happy to see this board up and moving :smile:
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  • Congrats to everyone on this board. I'm 39 having my 2nd due April and currently 21 wks.
  • I'm 37, I'm 5 weeks today. Have been pregnant twice before but suffered early losses. Due August 6th. My doctor is great but he is freaking me out with all this HIGH RISK talk. I figured i would be considered high risk because of previous losses but not because of my age. I'm not 75 dang it!
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  • I'm 35 and will be 36 at delivery. Due around Aug 2. This will be our 4th (a total shocking surprise). I've already got 3 boys ages 6soon to be7, 5 and 1 soon to be 2
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