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Scared to try again!

I recently became pregnant in May. On July 6th, the first ultrasound, we discovered the baby had no heartbeat and I had what they called a missed abortion. I had the D&C on July 10th and I have really been having a difficult time with this. I find myself pulling away from everyone, including my fiance and I have intense fear to end up pregnant again and the pregnancy have a similar ending. And on the other hand, I fear that, that fear will keep me from trying again as well.. 
I know I'm not the only one that have gone through this, so has anyone else struggled with these fears after a miscarriage? 

Re: Scared to try again!

  • omg yes and my loss was in December!  My fear is keeping me away from trying clomid because of side effects.  But we just keep on trucking because I figure fear of trying again should not get in our way and miss hopefully a great outcome.
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  • Of course you are scared of another loss. We are all scared to have a pregnancy that ends in another loss. None of us are ready for that and we never will be. But the chance of having a healthy pregnancy is still out there and this is what gives us hope. I'm sorry you are struggling with these emotions. 
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