HDBD 9-13 — The Bump
January 2016 Moms

HDBD 9-13

Brynlee showing off some of her dance moves. 

Jumping at the playground. 

And kissing her big brother at the zoo.

Re: HDBD 9-13

  • These might be my favorite pictures ever of DH and Harper!

    @BarrettJ89 That picture of your kids kissing is too sweet!!!
  • @KFrob thank you! I'm so glad they love each other so much. <3 I am sure as teenagers, this won't always be the case. 

    And the look on your husband's face! So much love for his girl. 
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  • Enjoying some outside time since we had slightly cooler weather for a bit last week- I'm so ready for fall!
  • First painted nails! She was so good about it. Sat very still through the whole process. She came out of the bedroom like this. The backwards choice is all her.Somebody found the lion costume at the church nursery.
    Cracker Barrel is always fun. I have to plan for at least 20 minutes extra so she can browse. It's extra fun since the Christmas stuff started coming out.

  • Teaching her baby doll how to poop in her potty (using playdough). And she's not potty trained yet or even close.

    Walking her kitty cat in her stroller.

    And here she is collecting rocks and sticks and stuff

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