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What is implantation bleeding like?

Hi--coming over from ttc board.

I am 13dpo and I noticed some brownish discharge this morning. My cervix is still high, but my vaginal walls have been super tight the last two days.  I had weird cramps from 7-12dpo that were fleeting and didn't feel like period cramps. I have no other usual period symptoms. Usually I am fairly bloated and craving salt & chocolate. 

Does this sound like implantation bleeding? I never had it with my first and had a chemical last month. I'm trying to stay hopeful, but am also realistic. Thank you! 

Re: What is implantation bleeding like?

  • I never asked if I was pregnant. I asked what implantation bleeding looks like. 
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  • @lund thank you. The question was geared more toward people who have experienced it. I only included other info to put it in perspective so people could accurately answer the question. For those who had it, I'm curious as to what it looked like.
  • It looks like blood. *shrug* 
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  • I had a tiny drop of red blood once when I wiped and got a BFP 2 days later. I wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't obsessively checking CM for IF related reasons.
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  • I had some brown spotting around 5wks with DD1 that I always questioned maybe could have been late implantation spotting 

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  • The two months I had "implantation bleeding," I wasn't actually pregnant. (It wasn't IB, just spotting before my period). The month I got pregnant, no spotting. 
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  • I had implantation bleeding with my last pregnancy. I was about 5 days before my cycle was due and had brownish red bleeding. Very little but more than spotting, and thought my period was starting way early. Lasted 2 days then just stopped, never got heavier, and no associated period symptoms just random bleeding then a missed period 5 days later with positive test. Unfortunately that pregnancy resulted in miscarraige, and have not had implantation with my first successful pregnancy and currently pregnant again without IB.
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    I had what I know now was implantation bleeding, but it wasn’t pink or brown like Dr. Google describes
  • I had what I know now was implantation bleeding, but it wasn’t pink or brown like Dr. Google describes. It was a small streak of bright red blood. So small it could have been from a popped pimple or something, except I didn’t have a pimple. It happened 8-9DPO and I tested positive 13DPO. I wouldn’t have noticed except I was obsessing over TTC, lol. 
    (Had to repost, couldn’t get my full comment to post originally, or edit the post for some reason!) 
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    Note pregnant or not some also my experience bleeding or spotting between ovulation and expected af due to low progesterone. 

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