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Two year molars

anyone dealing with these yet? Claire hasnt slept in two nights. She sleeps for half an hour then wakes up crying. She had a 45 min. Ap the last two days which hasnt happened since she was 6 months old. She has a very runny nose but I don't think shes sick. She has her usual energy and isnt clingy like when she was sick before. I'm pretty positive its molars but I cant get a good look inside her mouth. And I ain't sticking my finger in there! 

Re: Two year molars

  • Gina is currently getting 3 canine teeth (2 top and 1 bottom). She's been cranky lately and she was crying waking up and crying at bedtime. I just noticed the 3 teeth the other day when she was on her back laughing and I was like ohhh that's why lol. I give her Motrin at bedtime. 
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    Brynlee has been working on all 4 canines for months. I *THINK* all of them have broken skin. She still doesn't sleep through the night... I'm coming to believe that she never has and never will. Lol 

    ETA: no sign of her 2 year molars yet.
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  • Harper was the whiniest kid in the world when she got her bottom canine. That was maybe a month ago?  And now I think the top ones might be on their way cause she's been a real handful the last couple of days.  
  • I'm wondering about molars too. We haven't had any other signs, but Evelyn will NOT let me brush her upper teeth. The bottom are fine, but she completely freaks out when I try the top. 
  • Freya still only has 6 teeth :( 4 on top, 2 on bottom. I *think* 2 more are coming, but I think we are a long ways away from 2 year molars, unless they all decide to come at once.
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    After further inspection, Brynlee is still working on one canine. It is insanely swollen and she will point and tell me "boo boo mouth." So here's to hoping that one breaks through in the next few days.
    I braved sticking my finger in her mouth, definitely no sign of her 2 year molars. 
  • Yep. We are working on the top and bottom right side. Some days are clingy and fussy, and some days he seems okay. I can't wait for the teething days to be over!!!
  • We were thinking she was getting them but all the signs have stopped...? I've really enjoyed not having to wipe a runny nose all summer. I forgot how gross she can get! Lol
  • Zack's got all of his teeth except the last set of molars.  I'm enjoying the break in teething while it lasts :)
  • @nackie Same for us. All 4 canines came in together, poor guy, but maybe we'll get a few months off before the last ones. Although he's had his hand in his mouth a lot the last few days...
  • Hopping into this thread to say OMG THESE MOLARS ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL.
  • We can't get a good look either.  We mostly base it on the amount of chewing on things that he is doing
  • I finally got the courage to reach back there and feel around (during teeth brushing.) No teeth yet :( I guess we're just living with teething symptoms without the teeth!
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