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Cousin Announces Pregnancy (fertility issues mentioned)

So my cousin officially announced her pregnancy with twins after trying fertility treatments. This is the 2nd cousin who has gotten pregnant with minimal medical assistance.

Part of me is soooo happy for her and her husband because I know this is something they really want. And I'm excited to welcome new cousins into the family early next year.

And part of me is saying "when will it be my turn?" We've been trying to start this family for the last 7 years. 

At the end of the day, I roll up my sleeves and look at my list of things to do while waiting so I feel like I'm doing something to help further the process. So I'm scheduling my Child CPR Class and getting my friends together to help with my adoption profile video.

How do you react when family members announce their new additions while you're still going through the process of starting or expanding your own family?

Re: Cousin Announces Pregnancy (fertility issues mentioned)

  • Last Christmas my sister and her husband announced their pregnancy. They got pregnant the first month trying, which made it a lot harder to be happy for them. It was also the first pregnancy announcement that I had to deal with since trying to start our family and we had just started the process for foster care, so that probably didn't help. But, yeah, it ruined Christmas for my husband and me. It took a long time for us to be okay with it and then the baby was born and the first time we went out to meet him, everyone kept commenting about how I was so good with him and hopefully I will have my own soon (they all know about our infertility issues, so, yeah, not the right things to say). So it got easier, but it's still not easy. I don't think I'll be fully okay with it until I have a baby too.

    That probably doesn't make you feel better lol, but that's how I reacted.
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  • @britters314 We'll, it helps to know we are not alone in our initial reaction. lol
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  • @britters314 Can you believe another cousin is pregnant? Due in May. *sigh*
  • After 12 years it happened while taking metformin for my sugar so it can be possibile
  • @knottie4e802c995ab703e2 Yes. I was on Metformin for 2 years to see if it would work.
  • I haven't experience this with family, but I have with friends or co workers. Its hard one because on one hand your happy and on the other your not.
  • @Axl2 Yes. We just need to stay positive ourselves. It's gonna happen one day.
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