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Hey guys!

We really need some help with out baby boy's name. We have a named picked but can't agree on spelling and can't decide on middle name(s). We for sure want Daniel as a middle name as is a major family name on my husband's side and James is a family name on my side. Here are the options we are considering but I'd love to hear if anyone has any thoughts/other suggestions! Thanks for your help!

Baby Boy Name Help 54 votes

Jackson Daniel
90% 49 votes
Jackson Daniel James
7% 4 votes
Jaxon Daniel
1% 1 vote
Jaxon Daniel James
0% 0 votes

Re: Baby Boy Name Help

  • I thought of the alcohol for every single one of those. 

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  • Def heavy on the Jack Daniels.

    Honestly Jackson/Jaxon is so over done but of the two I would go with Jackson. It's a little more timeless than the very trendy verson of adding the x. You can still use the nn Jax with Jackson.

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  • I voted Jackson Daniel, but agree it's pretty boozy, not boojee.
  • If you must, then go with Jackson Daniel. James Daniel would also be a fine alternative. Jaxon is trendy and awful. 
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  • Strongly dislike 2 middle names. As about to have boy #3, also kind of sorry I used my favorite boy name with DS#1 so I don't have any good family names left for #3...James is classic, so keep it for another baby in the future.

    i thought of whiskey too, but I figure most people aren't going to use his whole name often, so it's not that big of a deal to me since it's a family name.

    agree with hating Jaxon; I know Jackson is super trendy/popular but I still like it 
  • Another vote for Jackson Daniel. Two middle names is a mouthful (although since they are both family names I think it would be okay).

    The Jaxon spelling is just terrible. Every time I see it I cringe and think to myself "another set of parents trying way too hard to give their kid a "cool" name. I agree with using the nickname Jax with full name Jackson. He will thank you when he is in the career world that you didn't give him a traditional name with a "youneek" spelling. Ill never understand this trend.
  • ugh none
    you are really going to name oyur son jack daniels?

  • If you must, Jackson Daniel spelled this way.

    James Daniel is lovely.
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  • The alcohol thing didn't cross my mind until EVERYONE else mentioned it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I agree that James Daniel (or Jameson Daniel) would sound nice as well! 
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    I also did not make the connection with the alcohol until I read the other comments.  I actually thought of Stargate (Daniel Jackson).  

    I would not go with two middle names.  It will end up being confusing for legal documents. Also agree that Jaxon is bad.  Always a good idea to go with the classic spelling over the trendy one. 
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