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Bare minimum baby essentials list?

Hey ladies,

I recently learned I am pregnant for the first time, and am hoping my husband and I can stay put in our smallish Brooklyn apartment for as long as possible. As part of this goal, I'm hoping to keep the baby purchases to a bare minimum. If you had to make a list of pared down baby essentials, what would it include? 

Thanks for your input!

Re: Bare minimum baby essentials list?

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    Hey! I am a FTM so take this with a grain of salt, but we are also planning on staying in our smallish BK apt as well, this is our plan:

    Keekaroo peanut changer on top of a dresser we already have
    Stokke Mini (because its round it has even less of a footprint than other mini cribs, plus it can grow)
    Ring Slings/wraps/carrier  (we live in 3rd floor walk up so trying to keep stroller use to a minimum) 
    Nuna Pipa carseat, lightest car seat on the market, again needed for 3rd floor walk up
    Snuggle me Organic Lounger/ co-sleeper

    Going to try to get away with no bouncer/rocker/swing because who knows which one LO will like. 
    We will probably get a Guava Lotus at some point but its not high on the priority list, but they pack up fairly small, and you can get a bassinet conversion and use that instead of mini crib or other bassinet (this was our original plan pre-Stokke). 

    I'm not sure where you are in BK, but we live very close to like 5 baby stores, and with Amazon Prime, are trying not to get TOO much beforehand and to buy as needed, since I hear so many stories about how babies don't like certain swaddles or any swaddle or this pacifier but not that etc. etc. 
    I have also read about people (instead of having a changer of any kind) just lifting their bed and then changing on their bed, less back strain and creates storage underneath as well. I looked up " nursery nooks" and "nursery corners" on Pinterest and it came up with a lot of articles and blog posts on having a baby in a small space. 
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